Old Khaki Homegrown Ad

Thanks to Bikini Lines Blog for sharing this ad...I have no idea what they are advertising and really who cares after seeing this, there is only one thing on my mind right now.

Sexy Ads To The Extreme

In my defence I did post some sexy ads for the ladies too. By the way, these are real ads not spoofs. Sexy Ads sell.....sorry ladies

I have to get me some of these underwear!!

uuuhhhhh.....where do I buy these sauces.....SOLD!!

Call me a pig but this is one sexy ad and the next time I see this stuff I'll buy it!!

Versace Ad For The Ladies

The Ladies were demanding more lady friendly ads...so here you go ladies
Are you even looking at the shoes!!

Time TOP 10 List Best TV ADS OF THE YEAR

We love TOP 10 LISTS, here is Time Magazines Top 10 List for TV Commercials of the year

#1..Super Bowl of Love, Late Show with David Letterman
Long-estranged Dave and Oprah cuddle in front of the tube cheering their teams. "We both win because we're in love," he says. TD Late Show!

#2..Impossible Is Nothing, Adidas
Athletes like David Beckham discuss overcoming adversity and draw defining moments. Classy.

#3..Thief, Gatorade
A hydrated Derek Jeter and Harvey Keitel on the virtues of stealing.

#4..Onslaught, Dove
A little girl is hit with a barrage of ads promising to make a woman "younger, smaller, tighter" as Dove lathers up a new vision of beauty.

#5..Meredith, Apple
A guy describes how he used his iPhone to avoid a social blunder. The supergadget sells itself.

#6..Tina Fey, American Express
This gal's workday is crazier than yours. If the card works for her ...

#7..Happiness Factory
A plot, characters and cool animation: commercial or Pixar film?

#8..Most Interesting Man in the World, Dos Equis
At last, a beer-ad hero for people beyond the keg-stand stage of life.

#9..Live the Flavor, Doritos
Made by a consumer, it's appealingly homespun and, yes, cheesy.

#10..Rollin' VIP, Nationwide
Kevin Federline works in fast food--and reinvents his image.

When Ads Go Wrong....

You know how much I love great ads, but sometimes ads can be placed in the wrong location. Intentional or not...these ads are nothing special but when placed in the wrong location they become GREAT ADS.
Hope you enjoy these as much as I did finding them.
This is my favorite of the bunch, seems silly but really come on think about it why in the world would they have placed it right by the 404......for those of you who don't get it....404 error...hello

I know this isn't an ad, but they are advertising the CD's...I knew there was something strange about Yanni

Ad on the bus reads: "If you don't gave GIO Third Party Property Insurance, we suggest you don't hit this bus"

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