John Varvatos' New Star USA Fragrance "Sixth Sense"

Visual effects and animation studio, Light of Day ( recently teamed up with John Varvatos to create a commercial featuring a six-fingered hand to promote their new fragrance, John Varvatos Star USA. The commercial idea stemmed from the fragrance's tagline, "The New Fragrance For Your Sixth Sense."

The TV spot features a shot of fingers on a man's hand counting along with rock music in the background. The hand proceeds to put up a peace sign and the new fragrance's packaging is shown. As realistic as the hand appears it has one more finger than usual, allowing it to count up to six. The hand and its movements are so realistic that one may not immediately notice anything out of the ordinary the first time watching it.

This attention grabbing idea was originally displayed in a print ad of the hand holding up a peace sign. Using those ads as a reference, the Light of Day visual effects team was able to turn the 2D idea into a realistic and natural looking moving hand.

"A dexterous six-fingered hand doesn't really exist in nature, so the challenge was creating a six-fingered hand that seamlessly looked real and moved in a believable way," said Dino Tsaousis, a flame artist for Light of Day who did the compositing and finishing work for the Varvatos commercial. "We had to play around with the palm and fingers to make it look anatomically correct as far as how the muscles moved."

Tsaousis explained further that he even used his own hand as a reference when trying to determine natural muscle movements of the hand.

"Between the finger, the palm, and the way the muscles move, there was about three or four different pieces that I stitched together to create the hand," Tsaousis said. "After that I had to rebuild the background and do some re-lighting for the feeling the client was looking for."

From a technical standpoint, Autodesk Lustre was used for the coloring and Flame was used for the compositing and finishing.

SkylandersThe Beginning Spyro's Adventure Official Trailer

Advertising Agency: 72andSunny, USA
Creative Directors: Jason Norcross, Bryan Rowles
Group Brand Director: Alex Schneider
Designer: Jake Kahana
Copywriters: Tim Wolfe, Mike Van Linda
Brand Managers: Ellie Schmidt, Mandy Hein
Agency Producer: Danielle Tarris
Assistant Producer: Becca Purice
Production Co.: Caviar
Director: Jorma Taccone
EP: Michael Sagol
Animation Studio: PandaPanther
Directors: Jonathan Garin, Naomi Nishimura
Technical Direction: Adam Burke
Stereo Supervise: Navid Bagherzadeh
Design: Diana Park, Ivy Tai
Storyboard: Fred Fassberger, Paul Boanno, David Reuss
Editing: Maria Diakova, Alan Ortiz
Set Building / Art Department: Junko Shimizu, Janet Kim, Shinya Nakamura, Kazushige Yoshitake
Matte Painting: Tim Matney, Andrew Leung, Nick Giassullo
Modeling / Photogrammetry: Sam Dewitt, Eric Xu, Jeeah Huh, Ari Hwang, Herculano Fernandes, Cristina Aponte
Rigging: Jason Bikofsky, Amy Hay, Zhenting Zhou
Previs: Richard Cayton, Adam Burke
Character Animation: Han Hu, Guy Bar'ely, Henning Koczy, Sam Crees, Jordan Blit, Doug Litos, Danny Speck, Jeff Kim, Jared Eng
Junior Animators: Doug Rappin, Chris Devito, Darren Chang, Chang Pei Wu
3D Effects Animators: Reggie Fourmyle, Rich Magan
Lighting / Texturing: Dave White, Ari Hwang, Herculano Fernandes, Laura Sayan Gabai, Lucy Choi, Christina Ku, Jeeah Huh, Carl Fong, Cristina Aponte
Compositing: Matt St. Leger, Gerald Mark Soto, Chris Gereg, Adam Yost, Navid Bagherzadeh, Gabriel Regentin, Bryan Cobonpue, Sohee Sohn, Yingshu Lai
Producers: Amy Fahl, Angela Foster
Production Coordinator(s): Lauren Simpson, Jazeel Gayle
Production Office Manager: Erica Armstrong
Systems Rendering TD: Craig Zimmerman
EP: Asher Edwards
Lead Colorist: Mark Gethin
Lead Artist: Ben Davidson

Steve Jobs - Negative Street Shelter Ad

Real or fake? I don't know.....what are your thoughts on the "one dies million cry, million die and no one cries?"

via: Shameless Kerfuffle

Cadbury Dairy Milk Simply the Best

Cadbury Dairy Milk encourages everyone to sing for Rebecca Adlington underwater no less. Cadbury and the ad agency Fallon reveal their second track/advert in their quest to Keep Team GB Pumped, the classic Tina Turner song 'Simply the Best'.
Watch as Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington is training as usual when suddenly an underwater band appears to help her through.
You can watch the full story of the track, and add your voice on the next track at
So come on Britain - Keep Singing, Keep Team GB Pumped!
Agency: Hypernaked
Client: Cadbury

New Apple iPhone 4S "Camera" "iCloud" and "Siri Snow Today" TV Ad

A trio of new commercials for the Apple iPhone 4S, this campaign focuses not only on Siri with the new "Siri Snow Today" ad but they have released an iCloud spot and finally an iPhone 4S "Camera" spot. All three spots below:

Apple iPhone 4S TV Ad Siri Snow Today, above and below is the Camera spot.

Finally the third of the newest iPhone 4S ads -iCloud

Ad Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Cadbury Screme Egg The Goolish One

Project name: Screme egg
Client: Cadbury
Advertising agency: Fallon
Creative director: Shish Patel
Director: Tom Dick & Harry
Producer: Ru Warner
Production company: th1ng

VW Volkswagen "Princess - Seize The Moment" TV Spot

In this new commercial for the Volkswagen Polo entitled The Princess, the bride to be seems to have a wardrobe malfunction and stumbles away, giving the opportunity for another woman to step in and face the crowd of screaming fans with her Prince. Now this is my kind of wedding.
Title: Princess
Brand: Volkswagen
Advertiser: Volkswagen
Ad Agency: agence .V., Paris France
Country: France

Facebook Voicemails From Bryan's Mom

Totally unrelated to advertising but, this is just too funny not share with everyone.

Here's the deal, Bryans mom recently joined facebook, sweet mom is new to facebook and it appears the internet in general, mom has a lot of trouble understanding it all so she calls her son and leaves voice mail messages (several of them) regarding all the problems she is having......awesome.

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax Official Movie Trailer Promo 2012

Official movie trailer for the upcoming Dr. Seuss' The Lorax movie, can't wait to discover the legend of the Lorax for myself.

In theaters: March 2nd, 2012
Director:Chris Renaud
Cast: Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Ed Helms, Taylor Swift, Rob Riggle, Betty White
The 3D-CGI feature Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is an adaptation of Dr. Seuss' classic tale of a forest creature who shares the enduring power of hope. The animated adventure follows the journey of a boy as he searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world. Danny DeVito will lend his vocal talents to the iconic title character of the Lorax, while Ed Helms will voice the enigmatic Once-ler. Also bringing their talents to the film are global superstars Zac Efron as Ted, the idealistic young boy who searches for the Lorax, and Taylor Swift as Audrey, the girl of Ted's dreams. Rob Riggle will play financial king O'Hare, and beloved actress Betty White will portray Ted's wise Grammy Norma.

Under Armour Basketball: Are You From HERE?

Under Armour launched their newest ad campaign and latest collection of UA Basketball footwear and apparel in New York city, the commercial is the first for ad agency Crispin, Porter & Bogarty. The commercial entitled "Are You From Here" features Brandon Jennings, Kemba Walker, Derrick Williams and the Under Armour Basketball tribe to experience the grit, determination and hustle required to be from HERE. A place where basketball still means something.

UnZip X - Mysterious Video TV Ad

What is UnZip X, who knows but we will find out what's behind this mysterious video promo on November 8, 2011.
All I can tell you about this is what I got in an anonymous email sent to me the other day...

You might have already seen the commercial on TV. You might have heard
the heartbeat and seen the flashing lights. Is that high heel? There’s
someone in there, just waiting to get out. It may not be Super Bowl
season, but this is the commercial everyone is talking about, and
everyone’s dying to know: Who is X? We can’t unveil the secret yet,
but it’s obvious enough, this is going to be a BIG announcement.

Right now, only the :15 seconds of UnzipX are airing on TV. You never
know, you just might recognize who it is. Don’t forget to come back to on November 9th and unzip the mystery for yourself.
Until then, we’ll never tell.

That's all I know......honest.

UPDATE: Nov. 7 A few more clues have been revealed in the recent release of this clip HERE

Absolut Vodka Outrageous Celebrating 30 Years of Going Out and Coming Out - Print Ad

This is a vision of outrageous freedom from David La Chapelle. David chose to shoot on a beach in order to emphasis the sense of coming from the darkness into the light. From there every element that is coming out of the iconic ABSOLUT bottle-shaped closet contributes to that sense outrageousness and freedom. All the people are representative of the LGBT community and contribute emotionally to the sense of joy and celebration of the 30 year anniversary of ABSOLUT's involvement with the community. Each element does not neccesarily "mean" something or "symbolize" something - each contributes to the whole. And each is very uniquely David - outrageous.
Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York, USA
Chairman & Chief Creative Officer: Mark Figliulo
Creative Director: Sue Anderson
Creative Director / Art Director: Hoj Jomehri
Art Director: Brantley Barefoot
Copywriter: Jim Therkalsen
Head of Production: Robert Valdez
Director of Art Production: Teresa Rad
Photographer: David LaChapelle
Retoucher: Stella Digital

Confidence In Motion - Strut Subaru Canada TV Spot

New commercial for Subaru Canada entitled "Strut - Confidence in Motion" not only features the song and music of "The Go" song "Summers Gonna be my Girl" but, some Subaru techs and salesmen who can really dance and strut.

Subaru: "Driving Confidence has been a key and constant ingredient in every Subaru model ever made. It reflects our deeply held belief that you can and should have both maximum safety and total enjoyment, without sacrificing one for the other.

It's about having the confidence, the peace of mind, to go anywhere. It's about enjoying life through exploration, continually setting out on fresh adventures. It's about following one's own path, with a sense of confidence that only a Subaru can deliver."

Advertising Agency: DDB, Canada
Creative Directors: Todd Mackie, Denise Rossetto
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Matt Antonello
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Paul Riss
Agency Producer: Andrew Schulze
Accounts: Michael Davidson, Peter Brough, Julia Morris
Production company: Corner Store
Director: Jorn Haagen
DOP / Cinematographer: Jorn Haagen
Line Producer: Mary Ann Tevlin
Post-Prodction Co.: School Editing
Editor: Markt Morton
Colourist: Bill Ferwerda
SRX / VFX: Topix
Audio Company: RMW Music
Audio House Engineer: Dustin Anstey
Music: The Go “Summers Gonna be my Girl”

Productivity Future Vision (2011) MicroSoft Office Promo Spot

Watch how future technology will help people make better use of their time, focus their attention, and strengthen relationships while getting things done at work, home, and on the go.
And below Microsoft's Future Vision Montage released back in 2009


Michael Bublé Gets an Early Jump on Promoting His New Christmas Album/CD

Michael sends in a special message exclusively for Youtube. His new album "Christmas" was made available on October 24th.
Still just a few days away from Halloween, Bublé has his YouTude channel all decked out for Christmas. So who's going to be giving "The Gift of Michael Bublé This Holiday Season"?

Honda Million Mile Joe Gets A Surprise Parade - and a new car

Getting to a million miles isn't typical. But neither is Joe. See his remarkable story:

Joe just reached one million miles in his 1990 Honda Accord! To celebrate this extraordinary feat, we surprised Joe with an over-the-top parade in his honor. Watch what happened. Way to go, Million Mile Joe!

Driving a Honda for a million miles is an extraordinary feat. So how did Joe do it? For starters, he's read and followed his owner's manual and maintenance schedule to the letter. He's also a stickler for fluids, he checked them weekly, switched them seasonally (10W-30 in summer and 5W-30 in winter), and changed them every 5,000 miles. He's been loyal to the same brand of oil and never let it go below a quart low.

You know how most people let their fuel go to almost empty? Joe never did. He's also a creature of habit, using only Honda air, oil and fuel filters. Joe never rode heavy on the brakes, and changed the fluid every few years. He's also replaced the fuel pump, both cooling fans and the radiator twice.

Besides his fastidious maintenance, Joe's Accord made it to one million miles because he's loved it. He's treated it with respect and always drove it responsibly. In fact, Joe has only gotten one speeding ticket in a million miles-that must be some kind of record. When it comes to driving, Joe's the man.

Check out Joe's story at

Jordan Brand "Love The Game No Matter What"

Nike and the Michal Jordan brand "Jumpman23" want us to love the game no matter what. So, they give us a 2 minute epic web film featuring Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony.
Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy,New York

Mercedes-Benz "The Best or Nothing" Print Ads

New print ads for Mercedes-Benz uses the colors of the USA, the UK and South Africa to illustrate their tag line...Navigating through the U.S. just became easier. COMMAND APS. The 3D navigation system from Mercedes-Benz.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Stuttgart, Germany
Creative Directors: Michael Ohanian, Jacques Pense
Art Directors: Andreas Jeutter, Benjamin Beck, Jochen Patrick Winker
Account Executives: Verena Vogt, Sven Doerrenbaecher
Copywriters: Tassilo Gutscher, Lennart Frank
Illustrator: The Scope

New eBay Inspiration Shop in New York | QR Code and Mobile Tech at Work...Finally

Say goodbye to long lines and crowded stores—now shoppers can literally go window shopping and actually purchase the latest, hottest items with the wave of a smartphone!

Grand Opening of eBay Inspiration Shop in the Big Apple!
eBay and designer Jonathan Adler unveiled the "eBay Inspiration Shop" New York City - a 24/7 "shoppable" storefront with interactive windows showcasing a collection of new, must-have merchandise for the fall season—from denim to digital cameras, engines to eReaders and wristwatches to new wheels.

Inspiration Shop Leverages eBay Mobile Technology
The "always-open" store windows enable shoppers to browse and buy the very moment inspiration strikes, leveraging eBay's mobile technology to shop anytime, anywhere, anyhow. The eBay mobile app allows consumers to scan custom Quick Response (QR) codes and shop similar items from more than 200 million listings on the eBay marketplace.

Top trendsetters, including actors, designers, bloggers, stylists, editors, photographers, models and musicians, were tapped to help curate the items featured in the Adler-designed windows by sharing their shopping wish lists for fall. Contributors include: Molly Sims, Lake Bell, Betsey Johnson, Charlotte Ronson, Coco Rocha, Justin Bell, Liz Lange, Simon Doonan, among others.

A new national study on shopping reveals that nearly half of shoppers want to make an immediate purchase when they find an item they love, and also browse store windows for inspiration.

VW Volkswagen Tiguan Cross Country Camping Commercial

Here is a fantastic new ad for the Volkswagen Tiguan entitled "Cross Country" created by DDB, Sydney. The spot features a couple who pull a fast one on their camping friends and couldn't have been done any better.
Agency: DDB Sydney
Client: Volkswagen Tiguan
Executive Creative Director: Dylan Harrison
Creative Director: Steve Wakelam
Creative Director: Nick Pringle
Creative: Malcolm Caldwell
Creative: Ian Broekhuizen
Creative: Steve Wakelam
Creative: Nick Pringle
Creative: Nils Eberhardt
Creative: Steve May
Creative: Jim Curtis
Creative: Ryan Fitzgerald
Digital Producer: Rob Pignone
Digital Production: Per Thoresson
Digital Production: Ramon Rodriguez
Project Director: Ben Elvy
Print Producer: John Wood
Director: Sean Meehan
Executive Producer: Sam McGarry
Production House: Soma Films
Editor: Drew Thompson
Music: Elliott Wheeler
Sound Design: Simon Kane @ Song Zu
Photographer: Nick Meek
Retouching: Layer1
Media: Mediacom

Lowe's Commercial "Exploded" featuring the song "Home" by Girls Love Shoes

Watch as every little thing that keeps your home together comes apart piece by piece and then back to together in the newest commercial for Lowes entitled "Exploded"
Lowe's keeps their ad campaign rolling with another nice spot created by BBDO, NY. This one entitled "Exploded" features the music of "Girls Love Shoes" and the song title is "Home".
Agency: BBDO New York
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Client: Lowes
Executive Creative Director: Wil Boudreau
Creative Director: Joe Volpicelli
Copywriter: Colin Ilsley
Art Director: Jake Blumenau
Executive Agency Producer: Kevin Wilson
Assistant Producer: Zubin Simpson
Executive Music Producer: Loren Parkins
Production Company:
Executive Producer: Jim Bouvet
Producer: Steve Fredriksz
Director: Dave Meyers
Director of Photography: Marcelo Durst
Production Designer: Deborah Evans
Editorial Company: Cutting Room
Assistant Editor: Sebastian Fidler
Producer: Eytan Guttman
Executive Producer: Melissa Lubin
Post Production Company: MassMarket
Executive Producer: Nancy Nina Hwang
VFX Producer: Mitch Stockwell
VFX Supervisor: Todd Sarsfield
Lead Compositor: Todd Sarsfield
Lead 3D Artist: Christopher Bonnstetter
3D Artist: Russ Wootton
3D Artist: Andy Gilbert
3D Artist: Todd Daniele
3D Artist: Yuichiro Yamashita
3D Artist: Eric Chou
3D Artist: Stephanie Russell
3D Artist: Jordan Harvey
Compositor: John Gray
Flame Artist: Jaime Scott
Flame Artist: Jeen Lee
Sound Design: Stimmung
Audio Production Company: Soundlounge
Mixer: Tom Jocarone

Night Club Crasher - Jubilee Ford Commercial

You don't have to be a rock star to feel like a rock star, that's what the Ford dealership Jubilee in Saskatoon and the creatives at Kenetic Design came up for this commercial entitled "Night Club Crasher"....and we like it!
Advertising Agency: Kinetic Design, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Creative Director/Copywriter: Drew Sebesteny
Account Executive: Christopher Kleiter
Production Company: Fahrenheit Films
Director/Editor: Tony Hrynchuk
Director of Photography: Ray Dumas
Online: Cheshire Smile

2 Minutes with Kate Moross via Think-Work-Play

Think Work Play (, the webzine that charts the creative process in London. A recent interview with Kate Moross, a well-acclaimed London-based illustrator/designer who has done work on Cadburys, Topshop and Samsung ad campaigns, as well as the who’s who of music and culture (Kate has just finished the latest music video for the electronic duo Simian Mobile Disco). In the video, Kate talks about how a certain company approached her about designing a bong, her favourite colours and her admiration of the Queen Mother’s fashion sense.

New Samsung GALAXY Note TV Commercial

It's not a phone, it's not a's a "Note".
The Samsung GALAXY Note. A new type of smartphone, borne of insight and innovation. It is the ultimate on-the-go device which consolidates core benefits of diverse mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability. It empowers you with everything you can ever desire so that you can simply, feel free. It is truly smart.

Conan O'Brien Spoof Ad Apple's iPhone 4S Siri Commercial

Conan O'Brien and Team Coco create a great spoof ad for Apple iPhone 4S and have a fun with Siri. The Conan spoof actually does a pretty good job of what the Siri app is and how much fun users are having with it...we know what you're gonna use it for.

We Are All Players - Playstation Commercial

New ad for Playstation/PS3 entitled We Are All Players by Saatchi&Saatchi takes us back to the Ice Age and tells us we are just a bunch of players.
Client: PlayStation
Title: We are all players
Agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Executive Creative Directors: Maxi Itzkoff / Mariano Serkin
Creative Directors : Joaquín Espagnol / Ariel Serkin
Art Director : Matías Lafalla / Ammiel Fazzari
Copywriter : Ramiro Gamallo / Matias Eusebi
Agency Producer: Adrian Aspani / Ezequiel Ortiz
Account Team: Carolina Paparo / Ana Bogni / Reinier Suarez
Planner: Jessica Wildman
Chief Executive Officer: Pablo del Campo
President Latin America: Cynthia McFarlane
Production Company: Garlic
Director: Marcelo Burgos
Executive Producers: Alvaro Gorospe /Irene Nuñez Palma
Post production Company: Serena
Sound Designer: Sonomedia
Music: Swing Musica
Advertiser’s Supervisors: Mark Stanley / Rossanna Schach

A Real Life Online Checkout via Google Analyytics Web Spot

A great new Google Creative Lab web spot/film for Google Analytics. The ad explains in a very humorous way with a real life grocery store experience how shopping online is meant to be easy, find out where your customers are "checking out" with Google Analytics.
Category: Online services
Client: Google
Agency: Google Creative Lab
Country: United Kingdom

The AXE Effect | Girl vs. Zombie An AXE Halloween Horror Film

Here is a favorite Halloween thriller from your friends at AXE. Even the walking dead come out smelling great with the AXE Effect in play. You gore and horror buffs, see if you can catch all the references.

Kia Optima + KIA Optima Take Things To The Next Level

Blake Griffin, power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers stars in a new commercial for the KIA Optima, watch as he slam dunks one over the KIA.
Ad Agency: David&Goliath
Copywriter: Dan Kelly

The VW Volkswagen Beetle "Juiced Up"


The Volkswagen Beetle has been many things over the years. But whether playing the role of the friendly, utilitarian car of the people, or a smile-on-wheels with a flower vase by the steering wheel, it’s also always been a single-minded exercise in progressive, iconic design. The latest incarnation of the Beetle is no exception. Although lurking beneath a shell that harkens back to the original is a machine that’s dedicated to performance and driving enjoyment.

While a focus on performance is definitely a new direction for the Beetle, innovation has always been a hallmark of the car’s personality, so Volkswagen Canada and Toronto advertising agency, Red Urban, agreed that innovation must also inform the marketing effort to launch the Beetle in Canada. To this end, much of the Beetle out of home advertising in Toronto and Vancouver offers an enhanced experience, using augmented reality (AR), a technology that allows people to use mobile devices like iPhones and iPads to see animations on the advertising that are triggered by markers embedded in the ads themselves.
The AR animations can be seen on gigantic billboards in Toronto’s Dundas Square, as well as on transit shelters throughout Vancouver and Toronto. The animations themselves show the Beetle launching itself through billboards, jumping off of a massive ramp that appears to emerge from the side of a building, and smashing through transit shelters after racing through a long tunnel that appears to be built behind the shelter itself. All the animations serve to demonstrate that this is a much more aggressive, performance-oriented Beetle than any of its predecessors.

“Previous Beetles have been kind of cute and friendly, but this one has a lot more attitude, so we thought the advertising better live up to that,” notes Bruce Rosen, Director, Marketing and Communications of Volkswagen Canada. Steve Carli, President of Red Urban adds, “The car is a nod to the past and the future at the same time, so using the AR overlay on a very traditional out-of-home media buy really seemed like a solid conceptual fit.”

The out-of-home campaign runs from September 26 to October 30 in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. In addition, an online digital campaign will run from October 26-November 26. The free app can be downloaded at, and people can experience the AR at home through the “Volkswagen Beetle. Juiced Up.” video on the Volkswagen Canada YouTube channel.

Agency: Red Urban Canada
Creative Director: Christina Yu
Writers: Matt Syberg-Olsen, Jon Taylor
Art Directors: Damian Simev, Liam Johnstone
Producers: Andrea Hull, Sam Benson
Account Director: Nicole Milette
Tech Consultant: Joe Dee
Production: Pixel Pusher
Animation/Design: Bully! Entertainment
Video Director/Editor: Tyler Williams
Billboards (Atrium at Bay and 10 Dundas St. West, Toronto): Clear Channel

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey - Irish True 60sec Advert

Four lads have their last drink (in handcuffs) in this great new advert for Tullamore Dew in their local pub just before the warden takes them off to jail. The commercial created by McCann Erickson also features the boys singing Irish True.
Ad Agency: McCann Erickson, Dublin

Newest Apple iPhone 4S TV Ad The Siri Assistant

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Duncan Milner
Executive Creative Directors: Eric Grunbaum, Scott Trattner GCD: Chuck Monn
Creative Directors: Demian Oliveira, Chris Ribeiro
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Paula Cristalli
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Claire Morrisey, Ted Kapusta
Art Directors: Paul Wysocan, Parker Grant, Scott Trattner
Agency Producers: Mallory Gordon, Alexis Stember, Christopher Shaw
Production Company: Anonymous
Content Director: Mark Romanek
DP: Harris Savides, Sal Totino
Editorial Company: Nomad Editing Company
Editor: Jared Coller
Post Co: D-­‐Train
Lead Flame Artist: Ben Gibbs

Laura Vandervoort the Newest PETA Celebrity Print Ad

Laura Vandervoort has her body-painted to look like a lizard for the newest PETA ad, and asks us "Whose Skin Are You In?"

In Peta's behind the scenes video and exclusive interview Vandervoort says, "I want to make people aware that if you want a high end python bag or crocodile... Three or four alligators have to die for each purse. It's just ridiculous. A lot of people think that reptiles don't feel, but they do."

Colman's Beef Gravy Advert "I Like The Way You Moo"

So how do make an ad for gravy memorable, easy just add a singing and dancing cow.
Colman’s has launched an advert for its new instant beef gravy with Aardman Animations and the ad agency Karmarama.
The commercial features a cow made of gravy dancing to the song ‘I like the way you move’ by BodyRockers - redone to be 'I like the way you moo'.
They had me at...."I like the way you let me squeeze you"

Director: Bobby Proctor
Client: Colman's
Agency: Kamarama

Fallsview Casino Commercial Wrong Masseuse

Funny new commercial for Fallsview Casino, part of the "Anyone Can Get Lucky" campign. The ad features two couples who decide to pamper themselves with a relaxing massage, unfortunately one poor guy signs up for wrong the thing.

Nike Running "Some Time Together" with Alice

New web film from Nike Running features a girl Alice who can't stop running, much to the despair of her boyfriend and the worry of her mom and dad. But hamstring and knee troubles are never a problem, because she's wearing Nike's Lunarglide + 3 Shields shoes.

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Client: Nike Running
Copywriter: Dylan Lee
Copywriter: Icaro Doria
Art Director: Guillermo Vega
Producer: Felicia Glover
Producer: Endy Hedman
Executive Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Project Manager: Krissy Brunsman
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director: Glue Society
Line Producer: Michelle Currider
Editorial Company: Joint
Editor: Kyle Valenta
Post Producer: Shelli Jury
Post Executive Producer: Patty Brebner
VFX Company: A52
VFX Supervisor: Megan Meloth
Flame Artist: Paul Yacono
Titles/Graphics: W+K Studio
Music Company: Nelson Riddle
Song: Lolita Ya-Ya
Mix Company: Eleven
Mixer: Jeff Payne

Rico Genest Covers Up His Tattoo's for DermaBlend

Rico Genest, aka "Zombie Boy" the world record holder for most tattooed body covers up his tattoos to promote DermaBlend Leg and Body Cover.

The mysterious 25-year-old Canadian model Rick Genest shot to fame after displaying his body art in Lady Gaga's video "Born This Way" Genest whose entire head and torso are covered in tattoos was an unknown entity. He was literally picked out from obscurity by Gaga’s stylist.....look at me now mom.
For those wondering about the music, the song is "There Is Hope" by Zoo Brazil featuring Rasmus Kellerman.

Engagement Citoyen Ben Ali

Smart ad campaign encouraging people to get out and vote. Retour de Ben Ali à La Goulette by Engagement Citoyen: Ben Ali reminds their people to beware dictatorship can return so vote.

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy Label, Tunisia
Creative Director: Nicolas Courant
Associate Creative Director: Gerald Heraud
Creative team: Mehdi Lamloum, Asma Kanzari, Yosri Mimouna, Yassine Boughaba
Agency Producer: Bedis Benamor, Moez Nemsi
Production Company: Propaganda
Director: Fehd Chabbi

Then & Now 100 Years of Chevrolet | Chevy Centennial Ad

As a way to celebrate turning 100, Chevy has created this spot titled 'Then & Now' that depicts how they remain connected to the iconic moments, locations, and Chevy vehicles as if those moments were with us right here, right now.

The music is Ray Charles and the song is America the Beautiful.
Full commercial credits:
Agency – Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Creative Director – Jeff Goodby & Jamie Barrett
Executive Creative Director – Hunter Hindman
Associate Creative Director – Stefan Copiz
Copywriter– Tyler McKeller
Producer – Conor Duignan
Executive Producer – Hilary Coate
Assistant Producer – Ryan Wilson
Business Affairs Manager – Heidi Killeen
Group Account Director – Todd Grantham
Account Director – Steve Barry
Account Manager – Alexis Contos
Assistant Account Manager – Kevin Manley
Operations Manager – Talya Fisher
Original Concept – Tyler McKeller
Client – Chevrolet
Director of Advertising – Kevin Mayer
Assistant Director of Advertising – Rich Martinek
Asst. National Advertising Manager – Anthony Biondo
Production Company – Park Pictures
Director/DP – Lance Acord
Executive Producer – Mary Ann Marino
Line Producer – Caroline Kousidonis
Editorial Company – Final Cut
Editors – Hal Honisberg
Executive Producer – Saima Awan
Editorial Producer – Suzy Ramirez
Post Production/VFX Company – A52
Lead Flame Artist – Stefan Gallot
Executive Producer – Jennifer Sofio Hall

Head & Shoulders newest Troy Polamalu "Lyin' Fool" Commercial

The newest ad for Head & Shoulders entitled "Lyin Fool" not only gives us Troy Polamalu but introduces us to Haanz.

Below you love the scare Polamalu gives visitors to the Madame Tussauds wax museum.

Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York

Michael Winslow - Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin on the Senkveld med Thomas og Harald show

Totally unrelated to advertising but just too amazing not to share with you all. Remember Michael Winslow? You know the guy from the Police Academy movie who played Sgt. "Motor Mouth" Jones....ya the guy who made all those cool sound effects with his voice. If you thought he was awesome in the movie then you will love what he did on the "Senkveld med Thomas og Harald" show where he does Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love.

Dolce & Gabbana The One with Scarlett Johansson | new 1'20" uncut version

The One film is the new Dolce & Gabbana web film uncut featuring Scarlett Johansson. The 90 second web version reveals the provocative yet effortless femininity of the eternal diva.

Directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.
Music and song in the ad is "A Place in the Sun" by Franz Waxman, performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra.


Advertising Agency: Publicis, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Bruno Bertelli, Cristiana Boccassini
Creative Director: Renzo Mati, Marco Maccagni
Director: Beto Salatini
Production Company: New Partners
Producer: Andrea Ciarla
Agency Producer: Renato Biancardi
Post-Production: X-Change
Account Director: Claudia Brambilla
Brand Manager: Rosabianca Landro

Bacardi Party Pic Projection... Real Time

To promote Bacardi Dragonberry in the Netherlands Fitzroy Amsterdam created a real time video mapping concept. Visitors of a café nearby ‘Het Witte Huis’, a momumental building in the centre of Rotterdam, were photographed. These photos were sent directly to a projector, which imaged a giant dragon spitting the photos in real time on to the building façade. For as far we know, it’s the first real time video mapping concept in the world.

Concept: Fitzroy Amsterdam

Starbucks Interactive Storefront

To launch their My Starbucks Rewards program, Starbucks has unveiled four new interactive storefronts in Toronto and Vancouver. The latest from BBDO, Blast Radius and The Media Merchants allows users to reveal rewards by touching gold stars in an animated interface throughout the display.

The My Starbucks Rewards program will be rewarding regular customers for their frequent visits, making the Starbucks Interactive Storefronts the perfect platform to engage consumers on site through the interactivity of the displays. Blast Radius developed the concept (in creative partnership with BBDO) while The Media Merchants provided the interactivity and installation of the storefronts.

“Interactive Storefronts allow us to engage with consumers in a fun and immersive way by leveraging their high traffic retail locations,” says Brad Foster, CMO at The Media Merchants. “At The Media Merchants we strive to incorporate new ideas and new technologies, we love working with Starbucks as they're a great forward thinking client.”

The four storefronts provide passersby with a fun interactive experience as gold and white stars move throughout the display. Users can play with the stars and reveal rewards from the My Starbucks Rewards program.
In 2010, Starbucks Tazo tea Interactive Storefronts achieved international attention, allowing users to guide a creature of their choosing to find the ingredients of the Tazo teas. Watch the video here.

The campaign runs until January 4, 2011 in Toronto at 4 King St. W and 765 Yonge St. The Vancouver locations are 802 W Hastings St. and 498 Robson St.

Creative Agency: BBDO, Toronto
Creative Agency: Blast Radius
Media Agency: Mediacom
Execution & Interactivity: The Media Merchants
Interface Development: Thinkingbox

Thanks Glossy

First Commercial For New Mentos UP2U Gum "Tiger"

The first commercial for the new Mentos gum UP2U gives us a young man enjoying the fact he has a choice in gum, things go wrong, people flee the room, a tiger talks....go figure.

Advertising Agency: The Martin Agency, USA
Agency EP: Brett Alexander
Agency Senior Producer: Dan Kaplan
Chief Creative Officer: John Norman
Group Creative Director: Fabio Costa
Creative Group Director: Keith Cartwright
Associate Creative Director: MIke Lear
Associate Creative Director: Dustin Artz
Copywriter: Mike Lear
Senior Art Director: Dustin Artz
Production Company:
Executive Producer: Gregg Carlesimo
Producer: Barbara Benson
Director: Steve Miller
DOP: Jeff Cutter
Production Designer: Zach Matthews
Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Editorial Company EP: Corina Dennison
Producer: Lauren Hertzberg
Editor: Matthew Wood
Assistant Editor: Tim Quackenbush
Post Facility: The Mill
Telecine: Fergus McCall
Telecine Producer: Claudia Guavara
Colorist: Fergus McCall
Visual Effects Company: The Mill

Some Cool Looking Social Media Sneakers Keds®

Ready to get yourself a pair of sneakers touting your favorite social media logo? Graphic designer Lumen Bigott creates a line of sneakers (Keds Social Media Shoes)) with the colors and logo for FaceBook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Flickr, YouTube, and even WikiPedia.

Wiser's Canadian Whiskey Wiserhood Purse Commercial

Great new commercial for Wiser's Whiskey, the newest installment of the WiserHood campaign entitled "purse" features a typical guy shopping with his girlfriend who gets stuck with her purse and knows exactly how to handle the situation.
Agency: John St.
Client: Wiser's Canadian Whisky
Executive Creative Director: Angus Tucker
Executive Creative Director: Stephen Jurisic
Associate Creative Director: Chris Hirsch
Associate Creative Director: Nellie Kim
Copywriter: Chris Hirsch
Art Director: Nellie Kim
Agency Executive Producer: Michelle Orlando
Strategic Planner: Jason Last
Director: Benjamin Weinstein
Production Company: Steam Films
Executive Producer: Krista Marshall
Line Producer: Dwight Phipps
Editor: Griff Henderson
Music: Vapor Music
Audio: Vapor Music

The Pfister "Break Up" Ad

Apparently Pfister Furniture is so good it will make parents break up with their kids. The new commercial entitled "Break Up" for the Swedish furniture company features a mom and dad gently asking their son to leave the nest in favor of room for more furniture.

Advertised Brand: Pfister Furniture
Advert Title: Break Up
Agency: walker, Zurich, Switzerland
Agency website:
Creative Director: Pius Walker
Art Director: Stefanie Huber
Copywriter: Henning Müller-Dannhausen
Account Director: Cornelia Nünlist
Production: /Lunatic Speed
Director: Calle Astrand
Executive Producer: Ben Schneider
Producer: Jeanette Albertsson,
Camera: Crille Forsberg

Miranda Kerr Poses For Orlando Bloom in New Rag and Bone Jean Print Ad Campaign

With no stylist, no hair and make-up, no lighting, just Miranda Kerr, her hubby Orlando Bloom and camera create a new ad campaign for Rag and Bone Jean's.

via: Mail Online
Looking smiley, relaxed and girl next door sexy - Miranda Kerr cuts a coy figure in front of the camera for a new ad campaign.

But then the snapper is none other than her husband, The Three Musketeers actor Orlando Bloom. The inseparable pair, who are parents to a son Flynn, teamed up for a candid photoshoot.

And clearly she felt so relaxed enough in front of the camera that she shed her top for her husband.

A sign of the economic downturn, perhaps, or a new breed of creative modelling - whatever the motivations behind Rag & Bone's new self-shot campaign, the results are a candid set of shots showing models looking natural, fresh and as stunning as ever.

The denim label's DIY Project has seen a group of top models being given a pile of the designer rags and a camera - and free reign besides: 'Welcome to the D.I.Y project, where our favourite girls get into our jeans.

'No stylist, no hair and make-up, no lighting. Just a girl and her camera, and Rag & Bone.'

The latest subject of the makeshift campaign is Australian model Miranda Kerr, who has been captured in film by husband Orlando Bloom and fellow model and friend, Lily Aldridge.

28-year-old Kerr and Aldridge modelled together for Victoria's Secret, and stepping behind the lens seems to come naturally to the underwear model, also a star of the campaign.

It's not the first time 34-year-old movie star Bloom, best known for his swashbuckling role in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, has tried his hand behind the lens.

The couple famously published a picture taken by the actor of his wife and newborn after the birth of their baby Flynn in January.

According to New York magazine, the majority of the shots of Kerr were captured by her husband - while several in the series were shot in New York - presumably the images without the ocean backdrops - by Aldridge.

Carefree, bare-faced and relaxed, the new mother models the 'Kensington' jeans and other designs from the high-end New York-based label.

In one, Kerr, naked but for her blue jeans, turns coyly to the camera, her ruffled hair a mess, while in another, she leans against a sea railing, her T-shirt pulled up to expose her perfectly flat stomach.

The brains behind the brand, Marcus Wainwright and David Neville, tested the waters earlier this year, entrusting models Edita Vilkeviciute, Sasha Pivovarova, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Karolina Kurkova, Carolyn Murphy and Kerr's photographer, Lily Aldridge, with cameras before handing the baton to Kerr.

While Kerr's DIY products showcase two noticeably different photography styles, other sets have loose themes running through their playful stories.

Speaking about the first set of photos - starring Miss Kurkova, Wainwright said: 'We have always been very inspired by the girls who do the show,' according to

'Rather than do what every other brand does and have a high-end photographer take very polished shots, we thought, "Let's flip it on its head to get the girls to take over." We wanted it to be very real.'

We're not sure whether there was an 'include water' edict given to the team of roving models and their various amateur photographers but all of the girls are pictured on the beach, or, in the case of Abbey Lee Kershaw, in a less-than-glamorous bathtub.

Murphy is pictured with her dog in one unplanned scene - her designer jeans far from the country life she seems to be embodying.

In another, Kurkova stands in a sun-drenched cobbled street in what might be an image from a family photo album.

Other Projects are perhaps more contrived, from Kershaw's domestic bathroom shoot to Vilkeviciute's almost impossibly perfect knee-deep paddling pose in what appears to be the Mediterranean.

With sun glare, over-exposure, blurry focus and movement adding a home-made peculiarity to the images, the campaign looks and feels anything but stylised - and, ironically, perhaps, as professional and desirable as ever.

A Weather Prophet Predicts the Weather for Swiss Tourism Ad

Every once in awhile a brilliant ad breaks through the rummage of new commercials and makes you realize just how brilliant some creatives are, this is new commercial promoting Swiss Tourism with the help of Martin Horat and ants....enjoy.

Martin Horat is a genuine Swiss "weather prophet" from the Muotathal in Central Switzerland -- not an actor. He has provided us with a forecast for the coming winter.

Toyota Camry Reinvented 2012 Ad Campaign

Built - Reinvented 2012 Camry - Release date Oct. 16, 2011

Pit Stop - Reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry - Release date Oct. 24, 2011

Press and Credits:
Saatchi & Saatchi LA Creates Campaign for the Reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry

“It’s Ready. Are You?” Touts Vehicle Innovation and Performance

Saatchi & Saatchi LA today announced the launch of the reinvented 2012 Camry campaign, one of the largest integrated marketing campaigns the agency has developed for Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. “It‟s Ready. Are You?” demonstrates how the seventh-generation model addresses changes in consumers‟ vehicle needs, expectations and driving habits through the combination of new innovations and improvements to interior and exterior vehicle styling.

The campaign centers around six TV spots, beginning with the 30-second “Built,” which will make its national debut on October 16 during NBC's Sunday Night Football. The spot uses stunning animation and visual effects to highlight the Camry‟s new features and visually demonstrate the reinvention of Toyota‟s signature model. As the 2012 model builds around its driver, the spot touches on several of the key aspects midsize car buyers expect to get with their next car purchase.

“For nearly 30 years, Camry has been an icon of durability, quality and reliability. But with the new model, Toyota has made a serious upgrade in technology, safety, elegance, performance and flat out beauty,” said Chris Adams, executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi LA. “With the „Built‟ commercial, we had a lot of fun literally showing this reinvention in progress. It truly is a car built around the needs of today's drivers.”

Another 30-second TV spot, “Pit Stop,” pays homage to the Camry‟s racing heritage with Toyota NASCAR driver Kyle Busch. The ad shows how Toyota‟s excellence carries from the racetrack to the roadway by transforming the car in the speed of a pit stop to highlight the Camry's performance capabilities and intuitive mobile technology. “Pit Stop” will make its television debut on October 24.

Two additional TV commercials will roll out later this year. Further, broadcast momentum continues into next year with two spots in the Super Bowl and the Toyota Halftime Report.

The campaign also includes print ads, digital media, out-of-home boards and social media elements. Additionally, digital billboards featuring Camry imagery will run atop the Walgreens building in New York‟s Times Square to spark the public‟s interest and build intrigue for the 2012 model.

Beginning in November, consumers will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the 2012 Camry at over 125 events through March 2012. The Toyota Drive Center national ride and drive tour, along with activations at select Life Time Fitness locations across the country, will give the public a chance to experience the vehicle first hand.

To set the stage for the 2012 model launch, Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi LA launched the Camry Effect website, which is designed to connect the nearly seven million Camry drivers in the United States through an intuitive, interactive, online experience
The Camry Effect provides past and present Camry owners a platform to share stories, moments, memories and milestones of first dates, road trips, soccer games, interviews and college days while witnessing the collective “effect”

Google Developer Stories Promo Spot

Production Company: Studio G, New York, USA
Art Director: Shawn Anabell
Copywriter: Ballard C. Boyd
Director: Ballard C. Boyd
Producer: Sinead O’Mara
Production Designer: Sara K. White
DOP: Will Beckley
Executive Producer: Amy Walgenbach

Goodfella's Pizza "The Scoop" Commercial

New Goodfella's Pizza ad entitled The Scoop features a cranky newspaper editor who wants a story and his pizza, the star of the spot is the kid who who see's Maria Sofia who tells him to eat the pizza.
Advertising Agency: Mother, UK
Director: Garth Jennings
Production Company: Hammer & Tongs
Producer: Nick Goldsmith
Editor: Dominic Leung / Trim
Post Production: Mark Stannard / MPC
Audio Post-Production: Sam Robson / Factory
DOP: Simon Chaudoir

Microsoft Launches First Ever Multi-Product Christmas Advertising Campaign

18 October 2011: Last night Microsoft launched its first ever global, multi-product advertising campaign designed to showcase the unique everyday experiences that can be realised through its latest products and services. With an investment of over £5.5 million, it encompasses Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox for Kinect and Office to demonstrate an interconnected family scenario. The first in a series of 30-second TV ads aired at 20:15 during The Gadget Show on Channel Five and will run until the end of January.

The campaign, led by US ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, includes activity across TV, digital and search and will roll out globally across 35 countries including UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Over the last year Microsoft has launched some of the industry’s most innovative and compelling products, such as Windows Phone and Kinect. These, combined with Windows and Office, provide a unique experience for the consumer. The campaign showcases the interconnected story through visual and relatable moments in everyday life for families around the world. It will provide a deeper understanding of how the products work together and inspire audiences to stay connected this Christmas.

The inaugural advert shows a family witnessing some embarrassing ‘dad dancing’ to Dance Central 2 on Xbox 360 Kinect which is unknowingly captured on his daughter’s Windows Phone. She shares the footage with her brother who edits and remixes it in Windows Live Movie Maker on his Windows PC, before uploading it to SkyDrive – where it is beamed to friends and family around the world. The living-room scenario showcases the connectivity of Microsoft’s suite of products and their integration on consumers’ everyday lives.

Paul Davies, Director of Marketing Communications at Microsoft UK commented: “In the run up to the festive season our thoughts turn to keeping in touch with loved ones. The great technology from Microsoft enables people to do this in new and exciting ways. Our latest campaign demonstrates just some of the things that that families can do using Windows PCs, Windows Phones, Kinect for Xbox, and Office to communicate with each other. Not only is it simple and easy, but the technology can enable them to stay connected, often in entertaining and surprising ways.”

Ellie Goulding Music Runs Ellie Trailer for Run With Nike+

Nike Running have been following Ellie Goulding around the world, making a film about her music and her running. Here's a sneak peak of the film which is launching soon.
Advertising Agency: AKQA, USA
Creative Directors: Jake Cooper, Simon Schmitt
Account Manager: Sarah Meynell
Agency Producer: Charlotte Davis
Production Company: The Cartel
Director: Paul Minor Producer: Anne Johnson
Director of Photography: David Lanzenberg
Original music: Ellie Goulding / Under The Sheets Remixed: Jakwob Taken from Ellie Goulding ‘Run Into The Light’ EP Polydor. 2010
Mix/Producer: Alex Metric

IT -is The Third Sexiest Profession | Dell Promo

Client: Dell
Agency: Poptent
Production Company: From The Willows
Director: Sean McWilliams
Director of Photography: Adam J. Richman
Editor: Spencer Seibert
IT Guy: Andrew Furtado
Office Workers (in order of appearance):
Sean Keefe
Jessica Szilagyi
Eddie Chappell
Kevin McWilliams
Chris Adams
Georgie McWilliams
Greg Jensen
Marcela McWilliams
Spencer Hayes
John Theel

Tafel Lager "A World I Call Home" TV Commercial

A new 60 second TV spot for Namibia's finest beer, Tafel Lager created by DV8 Saatchi & Saatchi.
Client: Tafel Lager
Agency: DV8 Saatchi & Saatchi
Agency Producer: Linda Buckingham
Agency Creative Director: Mark Bongers
Agency Assistant Creative Director: Leon van Rooyen
Producer: Guy Nockels
Production Manager: Gwen Swart
Director: Sergio
1st AD: Steve watchorn
Art Director: Naobie Noisette
Focus Puller: Ewen Bogle
Key Grip: Ari Stavrinos
Gaffer: Henry Blignaut
Location Manager: Paul van der Ploeg
Key Hair/Make-Up Artist: Thomas van der Nest
Wardrobe Mistress: Annelize Ras
Unit Manager: Pierre Roos

Specsavers "Sauna" Advert with Gordon Ramsay

The new "Should've gone to Specsavers" TV advert for Free Varifocal Lenses features world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, who's rendered speechless for once when a naked man wanders into his kitchen in the middle of the dinner service. Our hapless and visually challenged hero should be in the sauna; and needless to say, he should've gone to Specsavers. The commercial for the UK opticians was directed by Daniel Kleinman at Rattling Stick.

Rotoloni Regina "Message In A Roll"

Discover what really counts in a man's life...toilet paper!
Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Agostino Toscana, Alessandro Orlandi
Copywriter: Luca Lorenzini
Art director: Luca Pannese
Production company: Diaviva
Animation: Secret Plan
Director: Raul Garcia
Music & Sound Design: PF & Musicland

New Visual Identities for Batman Arkhan City

Trailer Park Video Games releases their new creations/visual identities for Warner Bros. new video game Batman, Arkhan City. The new images feature Batman, Catwoman, and the Joker, as well others characters.

Agency: Trailer Park Video Games
Client: Warner Bros. Batman Arkham City

Virgin Media New Logo

Virgin Media has unveiled a new brand identity incorporating the Union Jack flag, as it seeks to match what it sees as a national mood of patriotism coming in 2012.

It has created a new logo with the blue, white and red flag, combined with the original red infinity symbol Virgin logo.
The logo, created by Start JudgeGill, will be unveiled in a new TV ad this week promoting the company's next-generation TV service TiVo.

Jeff Dodds, executive director of brand and marketing communications, said: "At Virgin Media, we're extremely proud of our British heritage and wanted to find a way to symbolically remind people about all the fantastic things about our nation.

"With Britain celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and hosting the Olympic Games next year, we believe there is no better time to show our pride and excitement about what it means to be British."

George Clooney Stars In New Ad For Mercedes-Benz

A new commercial airing in China stars George Clooney and Chinese model Bonnie Chen for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, yup it's a yawner.
Ad Agency: BBDO (Beijing Office)

Royal New Zealand Air Force YouTube Game Ad Campaign "Step Up"

Royal New Zealand Air Force went to the ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi and had a brilliant ad campaign created to promote their recruiting arm of RNZ Air Force.
A YouTube game was designed on their YouTube page that allows you to control a helicopter remotely, the interactive game also allows users to queue up for a spot in the game right from YouTube. You pick your own mission then fly your helicopter through some dangerous terrain. You can control a webcam that fly's through small, 3D models of New Zealand's terrain, all housed in an Air Force Base.
Take the speed test with the Orion Aircraft or operate a forklift within the airplane hanger. Also pretty cool, you get a video of your accomplishments if you complete your mission that you can share on your social networks.
The game is open to anyone anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection.
The campaign includes TV spots and other online promotions. You can check the game out here on youtube.

Game Demo below

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
Client: Royal New Zealand Air Force
Creative Director: Scott Huebscher
GAD: Elaine Bickell
Exec. Digital Producer: Kevin Sherman
Digital Producer: Linda Krug
Producer: Anna Kennedy
Front-end development and design: RESN
Electronics: Paragon Electronic Design
Model: Kennedy Modelmaking

Virgin Book by Weather

Feeling adventurous? Well now you can let Virgin pick your next vacation destination.
Instead of booking a trip, you can book a weather. Yes, a weather, because that's what more often than not can ruin even the most well-though-out perfect vacation. Weather you're going somewhere windsurfing and you're in need of wind, a skiing holiday and you need snow (obviously) and minus degrees or a beach bum looking for sun - this is what you need.
Although, this would appeal to the more adventurous traveler or the one that doesn't really have a specific destination in mind. Technically it's very simple. Virgin would scan the weather forecasts right up until your departure date and take you as far as your money stretches in order to also provide you with the perfect weather to match your soon-to-be perfect vacation.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Instructors: Tara Lawall
Art Director: Glen Hansen
Copywriter: Otilia Dobrea

Awesome Rags! In Lust We Trust Print Ads

Here's an interesting print ad from Sweden for the "Awesome Rags!" clothing company entitled "In Lust We Trust".
Advertising Agency: Svensson, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Daniel Granqvist
Copywriter: Karin Drangel
Photographer: Andreas Lundberg

FORZA MOTORSPORT 4 Endangered Species Live Action trailer (Xbox360)

Twofifteenmccann unleashes “An Endangered Species," new live action trailer for Xbox’s Forza Motorsport 4 Electrifying skills of award-winning stunt driver Martin Ivanov and the voice of Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson deliver an adrenaline-pumping film This week, twofifteenmccann debuted "An Endangered Species," a short live-action film to introduce Forza Motorsport 4 for Xbox 360.
Developed by Turn 10 and published by Microsoft Studios exclusively for Xbox 360, Forza Motorsports 4 launches worldwide on October 11. “An Endangered Species” is a rallying cry for car lovers worldwide and a visceral illustration of something many have come to realize -- the real world has become an unfriendly place for those who truly love automobiles. Economic concerns, environmental regulations, clogged motorways and a myriad of other restrictions all appear to threaten the very existence of the car enthusiast.
Though the opportunities to have heart-racing experiences in the real world are becoming fewer and fewer, Forza Motorsport 4 offers a place to explore car passion freely without fear of speed traps or other impediments. twofifteenmccann brought together an elite team of automotive talent to create “An Endangered Species.”
Widely acknowledged as one of the best stunt drivers in the world, Martin Ivanov stars as lead actor and stunt driver. Ivanov’s work in such feature films as Quantum of Solace, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum contain some of the most exciting driving sequences ever put to film. Jeremy Clarkson, host of the hit BBC TV series Top Gear, provides the voiceover.

Twofifteenmccann partnered with production company MJZ and acclaimed director Nicolai Fuglsig on the project which was shot on location in Uruguay. The "An Endangered Species" trailer debuted on Monday October 3 on and will be seen on and other digital properties as well.
Other campaign elements including TV, online videos, and print will support the launch of the game as well. twofifteenmccann is a creative and strategic agency specializing in media agnostic ideas for brands.
Based in San Francisco and part of Interpublic, twofifteenmccann’s work is rooted in a philosophy of purposeful creativity. Clients include: The Coca-Cola Company, HP and Microsoft Xbox, among others. twofifteenmccann’s partnership with McCann Erickson enables the company to deliver creativity at scale
Spot Client: Xbox
Product: Forza Motorsport 4 Spot
Title: Endangered Species
Agency: twofifteenmccann
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Duchon
Associate Creative
Director/Writer: Joe Rose
Art Director: Rey Andrade
Director of Integrated Production: Tom Wright
Senior Agency Producer: Kate Morrison
Business Director: Peter Goldstein
Management Supervisor: Luke Lamson
Account Executive: Stephanie Scott
Business Affairs Director: MaryBeth Barney
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Nicolai Fuglsig
DP: Ben Serensin
Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson
Producer: Suza Horvat
Editorial Company: Final Cut
Editor: Rick Russell
Executive Producer: Saima Awan
Producer: Suzy Ramirez
Editorial Assistant: Jacob Keuhl
Visual Effects: The Mill
3D Lead Artist: Chris Bayol
2D artists: Tara DeMarco, Andy Bate, Elad Offer
Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
Producer: Sabrina Elizondo
End Titles and Animation: Imaginary Forces
Telecine: The Mill Colorist: Adam Scott
Original Music: Human
Producer: Jonathan Sanford
Sound Designers: Rohan Young @ Lime Studios Rick Russell @ Final Cut
Mix: Lime Studios
Mixer: Rohan Young
Audio Producer: Jessica Locke

Hot Commercial for Phoenix | Keith Urban and Ellen DeGeneres Spoof Commercial

Keith Urban launches his new cologne "Phoenix" with a very funny commercial spoof starring himself and Ellen DeGeneres.

The spoof ad for Keith's new fragrance has become so popular they had to create an outtakes version of the commercial too..enjoy below.

Contrex The Contrexperience (English Version)

A commercial of women happily screaming with excitement (and a few men too) can only mean one got it, the spot has a half naked man dancing somewhere for sure.
Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France

A Cell Phone Company Promotes Putting Down Our Mobile Phones

Steve Hall over at Adrants brought this beauty of a commercial to light...

This is like tobacco companies spending all kinds of money telling people smoking is bad for them and then at the same time doing everything they can to get people to buy as many packs of cigarettes as possible. While like the message in the Thailand-based dtac commercial which shows what life would be like if all you had was your phone, we question the duplicity of it all.

Yea, people are way to obsessed with their phones these day, present company included but does a phone company really want people to use their phones less?

via: Adrants

Jung von Matt/Limmat Pro Infirmis "Get Closer" psa

Pro Infirmis the Swiss organization that helps those with disabilities conducts an experiment: there are only a few people who don`t have empathy with disabled people. Nevertheless, the passenger seat in the public bus next to Fabian often stays empty but it is a very different world when Fabian suits up in cuddly bear costume.
The music is by the band "The Band Of Horses" song title "The Funeral" from the album "Everything All the Time."

John West "Lucky Pete" Advert

The new John West commercial, "Lucky Pete" wants you to know the story behind every can. All you have to do is visit and enter the code on your tuna can and find out exactly where your wild tuna came from.
Ad Agency: Cheethambell JWT
Client: John West
Director: Luis Gerard
Art Director: Martin Smith
Copywriter: Andy Huntingdon
Creative Director: Andy Cheetham
Production Company: Uber Content

Chevrolet "The Road We're On" | Episode One: Welcome To Bridgeville

Chevrolet begins their Centennial celebrations with a web film created by Mother, New York entitled The Road We're On. Along with an interactive microsite a series of webfilms will be released weekly leading up to November 3, the first from Bridgeville, Pennsylvania showcases the heritage and connection between the town and Chevy.
Agency: Mother New York
Client: Chevrolet
Creative: Scott Carlson, Blaise Cepis, Stacey Smith and Leigh Masters
Mother: Michael Rose and Laura Perlongo
Strategist: Daniel Edmundson
Executive Producer: Jill Silberstein
Producer: Diana Frame
Director: Scott Carlson, Blaise Cepis, Lance Edmands and Phil Van
Director of Photography: Dima Dubson
Director of Photography: Matt Mitchell
Editor: Lance Edmands and Mike Sobo
Assistant Editor: James Blose
Sound Design: Michael Coffman
Post Supervisor: Diana Frame

Renault Koleos Meerkats "WoWly Civilized"

Meerkats become civilized, I mean "wowly civilized" in the newest commercial for the Renault Koleos.
Ad Agency: Publicis
Created: Olivier Altmann / Marcelo Vergara
Agency responsible: Edward Pacreau, Raymund Co, Christopher McIsaac,
Laurence Amiel, Nathalie Descout
Strategic Planning: Hélène-Duvoux Mauguet
TV Production (WAM) Peter Marcus, Nathalie Levincent
Director BlackSwan
Production company Carnibird
Producer Sam Fountain
Post-Production Mathematic

Behind The Scenes With Demi Moore for Ann Taylor's Fall 2011 Advertising Campaign

Ann Taylor announces world-renowned actress Demi Moore as the face of the brand's Fall 2011 advertising campaign, debuting in September magazines. Shot by famed fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier, the Fall 2011 campaign captures the true essence of the new Ann Taylor, celebrating modern women of substance and style. Photographed atop the Rockefeller Center Gardens in New York City, the ads feature Moore wearing her favorite looks from the Fall collection, including a mix of timeless, iconic styles with the brand's newest fall fashion pieces.

New Comparis Ad Blackly Comic Spot

Credits and Comparis Blackly Comic commercial info.
Imagine that you're stuck in hospital next to a fellow patient who just wont let you forget that you paid more for the same health insurance than he did. You call the nurse to complain but she's just as unconcerned as the guy in the next bed.
Walker's latest campaign for online price comparison service, Comparis uses this nightmare scenario to dramatize the fact that many people pay higher premiums for essentially the same level of health insurance. So, should the unthinkable happen, and you find yourself in a full-body plaster cast lying next to the word's most irritating man, then you'd really wish that you had spent a few minutes checking out the Comparis website to see what you could have saved. You have been warned.

Advertising Agency: Walker, Zurich, Switzerland
Executive Creative Director: Pius Walker
Art director: Golf Nuntawat Chaipornkaew
Copywriters: Roger Beckett, Golf Nuntawat Chaipornkaew
Account Directors: Lisa Binkert, Cornelia Nunlist
Graphic Designer: Philipp Dornbierer
Production House: Knucklehead
Director: Ben Gregor
DOP: Douglas Koch
Producer: Jane Tredget
Editor: Mark Burnett Speade

Sony Two Worlds Ad/Cinema Spot | Director's Cut & 3D Version

Sony - Two Worlds ad, Director's Cut.

Great new ad/cinema spot for Sony features an original poem, "That's What I Heard You Say", written and read by Leonard Cohen. The spot was directed by Arev Manoukian at Spy Films (lovin the work these guys do at Spy)

Sony - Two Worlds ad, 3D Version.

Director: Arev Manoukian
Cinematographer: Bojan Bazelli
Music: Clint Mansell (Black Swan, Requiem For A Dream)
Post Production: Digital Domain (LA)
Executive Producer: Carlo Trulli & Marcus Trulli
Producer: Marcus Trulli & Peter Oad
Stereographer: William Reeve
Editing Company: Will Cyr @ Creative Post
Sound Design/Arrangement: Lime Studios (LA) Grand Central (London)
Ad Agency: Grey London
Executive Creative Director: Nils Leonard
Creative Director: Dave Monk and Matt Waller
Agency Producer: Jacqueline Dobrin
Business Director: Anneliese St-Amour
Account Manager: Suzi Napier

Check out the making of the Sony Two Worlds spot below.

"MOVE" for STA Travel Australia

STA Travel Australia sent 3 of their mates, Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White on an amazing trip around the world, a 6 week journey of a lifetime crammed into one epic minute.
3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage... all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ....into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films...a trip of a lifetime.
Rick Mereki : Director, producer, additional camera and editing
Tim White : DOP, producer, primary editing, sound
Andrew Lees : Actor, mover, groover
These films were commissioned by STA Travel Australia
Music Recorded and mixed by Jake Phillips
Colour Grade : Edel Rafferty and Roslyn Di Sisto
Online Edit : Peter Mirecki
Assistance in titles and production design : Lee Gingold, Jason Milden, Rohan Newman

Father Daughter Muffin PAM Cooking Spray Commercial

So how do you advertise Pam cooking spray? With muffins, talking muffins in a typical father daughter conundrum. Yup the daughter muffin is ashamed of how her father looks...good lord why am I even trying to explain this?
Ad Credits:
If anyone has the credits to the spot please share.

Volkswagen "Think Blue Symphony" TV Spot

In every generation Volkswagen has found solutions for the mobility needs of its time. The "Think Blue. Symphony" is the brand new TV spot which illustrates in a playful way the respective milestones on this path towards „Think Blue.", being the Volkswagen company's attitude towards ecological sustainability. Volkswagen will continue these innovative successes in the future with the XL1, presented in 2011 as first 1-Liter-vehicle, as well as the Golf blue-e-motion.
Ad Agency: Black Board Berlin
Production: Indiana Production
Music: Wouldn't it be nice by The Beach Boys Cover by: Tiziano Lamberti

2012 Honda Pilot "Road Trip" TV Commercial

A typical family hums to the music of Ozzy Osbourne's song Crazy Train in the new Honda Pilot TV ad entitled "Road Trip".
"Road Trip" stars eight family and friends in the roomy Pilot, zooming down a stretch of desert highway. When one of the boys in the third row hits the note of "Crazy Train," the other passengers follow one by one, adding drum beats and sound effects until they're jamming with the full force of the tune. The spot will air during prime network programming such as "Dancing With the Stars," "Big Bang Theory," "The Biggest Loser" and the BCS National Championship.

"The campaign is built to generate awareness of this major vehicle redesign and to continue to differentiate this new, upscale Pilot from the competition," said Tom Peyton, senior manager, national advertising, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "The advertising demonstrates the Pilot as a capable vehicle with legitimate seating for eight and a newly refined exterior."

"We knew the cast was going to be as integral to the spot as what they were singing. It was important to find actors, especially the kids, with a true love for the song," said RPA CD/Art Nathan Crow who teamed with CD/Copy Adam Lowrey for this campaign.

Aside from running on TV, the spot will appear on Honda's website and on YouTube and in-theater during November, taking advantage of the high-traffic Thanksgiving weekend. The Pilot campaign featured a YouTube home-page takeover in early October. Other online activations include rich media banners and home-page takeovers on Print media, which can be seen in "National Geographic," "Sports Illustrated," "Shape" and other titles, features a striking roasted-plum background and describes everyday adventures that are made better with the refined Pilot.
Agency: RPA
ECD: Joe Baratelli
GCD: Jason Sperling
CD/Art: Nathan Crow
CD/Copy: Adam Lowrey
Agency Executive Producer: Gary Paticoff
Agency Senior Producer: Brian Donnelly
Production Co: Imperial Woodpecker
Director: Stacy Wall
DP: Salvatore Totino
Executive Producer: Doug Halbert
Line Producer: Jeff McDougal
Production Designer: Tony Gasparro
Editorial Company: Bikini Edit
Editor: Avi Oron
Executive Producer: Gina Pagano
Visual Effects Company: Mass Market
Lead Flame Artist: Kim Stevenson
Visual Effects Executive Producer: Lexi Stern
Visual Effects Producer: Blythe Dalton
Attribution: Written content created by TRUST:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike

Canal+ The Bear Commercial

"The more you watch Canal+, the more you love cinema."
The Bear ad was developed at BETC Euro RSCG by exective team Raphaël de Andréis, Alexandre George, Guillaume Espinet, Sébastien Jauffret, global creative director Stéphane Xiberras, art director Eric Astorgue, assistant art director Julien Schmitt, copywriter Jean-Christophe Royer, strategic planner Clarisse Lacarau, traffic director Loren Hecker, agency producers Isabelle Ménard and David Green, working with Canal+ marketing team Maxime Saada, Samantha Etienne, Béatrice Roux, Mathieu Mazuel, Périne Long. Filming was shot by director Matthijs van Heijningen via Soixante Quinze, Paris. Special effects were produced at Mikros Image. Sound was produced at Gum. Music was by Éric Cervera (Near Deaf Experience).

The Avengers (2012) The Official Teaser Trailer | HD

Joss Whedon brings together the ultimate team of superheroes in the first official trailer teaser for Marvel's The Avengers movie due out in the summer of 2012.

When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as SHIELD, finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins.

The Avengers continues the epic big-screen adventures started in "Iron Man," "The Incredible Hulk," "Iron Man 2," "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger". Starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by Joss Whedon, "Marvel's The Avengers" is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series "The Avengers," first published in 1963 and a comics institution ever since.

Prepare yourself for an exciting event movie, packed with action and spectacular special effects, when "Marvel's The Avengers" assemble in summer 2012.

Word as Image | by Ji Lee

The Challenge: to create an image out of a word, using only the letters in the word itself.
The Rule: use only the graphic elements of the letters without adding outside parts.
Created by: Ji Lee
Animation by: Bran Dougherty-Johnson
Sound design by: Joel Pickard

Durex Digital Love Website Ad

Durex condoms creates a digital love website experience with this great new interactive ad. I know, we're smarter than that but it's still a pretty cool idea, check it out here at The Durex Digital Love Experience

Advertising Agency: Buzzman, Paris, France
Creative Director: Georges Mohammed‐Chérif
Art Director: Louis Audar
Copywriter: Tristan Daltroff
Account Managers: Thomas Granger, Caroline Vicariot
Tv Producers / Art Buyers: Vanessa Barbel, Angel Diop
Digital Producers: Laurent Marcus, Julie Bourges
Community Manager / Pr: Nicolas Mirguet, Wale Gbadamosi Oyekanmi, Ugo Orlando, Fannie Outrey
Social Media Coordination: 90:10 Group
Film Production: Frenzy
Director: Aoife Mccardle
Digital Production: Les 84
Published: October 2011

OU Medicine "Hair" | Powerful Message of Hope

The University of Oklahoma wanted to position its new cancer center as the best in the region with a message of hope. Milwaukee agency BVK didn't want a maudlin ad full of hand holding, hugs, and worried children. "How do we do another spot about hope that feels fresh?" asks creative director Mike Holicek. They chose to focus on the hair loss that comes with chemotherapy—an often traumatic experience for women, who feel they are losing their femininity. Their 60-second spot flips that script: It opens with a woman at her lowest point, alone at dawn, head bald, a tear falling down her cheek. Then, as she goes about her morning routine, her hair grows back, little by little, scene by scene, until she has a full head of hair. The change is so gradual that there's a sudden moment of recognition when the viewer realizes what is happening—a spark of delight that hints at the longer glow of hope the client can provide.

COPYWRITING: The ad is understated and uncomplicated—ordinary domestic scenes with "little moments of real life that are not spectacular," says director Rafael Fernandez. The woman showers, dresses, and makes a sandwich for her daughter. "It's the mother's struggle, it's her moment," explains BVK executive creative director Rich Kohnke. The action takes place over several months, but it's shot as though it were a single morning—which makes the healing process feel quietly magical. At the end, a female voiceover says: "When you have every resource for beating cancer, you have every reason for hope. Pioneering research and treatments from the new cancer center at OU Medicine. Another level of medicine." On-screen copy adds: "Oklahoma's only comprehensive cancer center," followed by the OU Medicine logo and Web address.

ART DIRECTION: The woman's hair is the main visual motif. The agency considered using CGI to show the hair growing continuously. That felt over the top. Instead, Fernandez shot everything in camera. He filmed the scenes in reverse order, and had the actress cut her hair between each one—seven trims in all. The spot begins in gloomy dark blues, and then brightens—but not excessively. "We wanted to stay within the same universe and just come to the brighter version of that world," says Fernandez.

FILMING: The ad was shot in a single day in a house in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles. The camerawork is subtle and elegant. "Most of the shots have just a little bit of floating to them," says Fernandez. "It has that feeling that you're witnessing these scenes as a person there."

TALENT: The actress, Heather Ann Smith, was able to transition from despair to measured hope with simple movements and gestures. For the first scene (the last one shot), Fernandez helped to get Smith in the mind-set by narrating a piece of text he had written about "what I thought would go through someone's mind who is faced with a situation where the hopes and dreams of their life may never come to fruition." Shaving one's head is a drastic move for an actress, but after shooting, Smith landed a role on Torchwood that called for short hair. She also had the support of her fiancé, even though their wedding was approaching.

SOUND: The composer, Bryan Mir, came up with a Spanish-flavored acousticguitar track that the creatives felt, against all odds, fit perfectly. The client hated it. They went with an acoustic guitar track that was more toned down.

MEDIA: Broadcast and cable across Oklahoma and into neighboring states, where there aren't other major medical centers.

Client: OU Medicine
Agency: BVK, Milwaukee
Executive Creative Director: Rich Kohnke
Creative Directors: Mike Holicek/Mike Scalise
Writer: Mike Holicek
Art Director: Rich Kohnke
Agency Producer: Allison Lockwood
Account Supervisor: Tricia Lewis
Account Executive: Ali Dawe
Director: Rafael Fernandez, Green Dot Films
Editor: Bryan Mir @ Blend Studios, Milwaukee
Colorist: Mike Matusek @ Nolo Digital Film in Chicago
Music: Bryan Mir @ Blend Studios, Milwaukee
Sound Design/Audio Mix: Steve Kultgen @ Independent Studios in Milwaukee
via: Tim Nudd | Adweek
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