Kraken Rum Brand Themselves Apart with Myth and Legend

More than just a namesake, Kraken Rum have taken the legend of a mythical sea beast to all facets of their marketing strategies. This includes their antique bottle design, cool label art and now ambitious advertising campaign. The dark spiced rum may be owned by a New Jersey based company called Proximo Spirits, but their effective branding techniques conjure up a much more exotic image. Their tie in with the lore of the beast of the blackset seas works perfectly with the ads stark and stylish look, which is highlighted by the spot's inventive and cool animation.

Old Spice's Ad Man of the Year Comes to Print with Fresh New Ad Campaign

The enormously popular Old Spice TV commercials starring former NFL player Isiah Mustafa have now come to print, and it has not lost it's effectiveness in this new format. The print ads titled 'Komodo', 'Fiji' and 'Matterhorn' were created by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, the original creators of the touted Ad Man of 2010. Old Spice are definitely getting their moneys worth out of their successful collaboration with the Portland based ad agency - and as long as they continue to produce innovative adverts like these then their is no reason this campaign can't continue for years to come.

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Wieden
Ex Creative Director: Mark Fitzloff/Susan Hoffman
Creative Director: Jason Bagley/Eric Baldwin
Art Director: Craig Allen/Eric Kallman
Copywriter: Eric Kallman/Craig Allen
Planner: Britton Taylor
Account Manager: Jordan Muse
Account Supervisor: Michael Dalton
Art Buyer: Heather Smith-Harvey
Photographer: Hugh Kretschmer
Typographer: Cathy Ormerod

Another Creative Lego Ad Campaign, "Imagine" That

Creativity is inherent in the Lego brand and their 'Imagine' ad campaign demonstrates this image perfectly.  But what makes this latest clever Lego ad stand out from the rest is how they  used the surrounding environment as part of the composition.  The 3 clever bus shelter ads titled 'Whale', 'Caterpillar', and 'Monster' was created by Ogilvy Malaysia and their talented local team of Lego artists and builders. 

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Malaysia 
Exe Creative Director: Gavin Simpson/Robert Gaxiola
Creative Director: Eric Yeo
Art Director: David Stevanov
Copywriter: Greg Rawson/Ross Fowler
Illustrator: Tan Tsun Wen Andrew/
David Stevanov/Greg Rawson 
Lego Artist: Nicholas Foo
Lego Builders: Too Jun Jie/Inessa Loh/Darshan Kadam

Sony Creates a Spin-Off on Award Winning "Balls" Ad

To help promote the sponsorship and 3D coverage of the upcoming 2011 Wimbledon Tennis Championship, Sony has recreated their successful "Balls" commercial. The original 2006 Sony Bravia ad was created by Fallon and this new look 3D version was ably done by Crayon as a homage to the award winning original. The new version does make some significant changes however, like replacing the colorful balls to tennis balls and the soundtrack is now an instrumental. The result is a more visually pleasing spot, but I still favor the original soundtrack due to the great vocals by José González.

The original with the great song 'Heartbeats' by José González.

Axe 2012 Ad Campaign; Could This Be The "Final Edition" For The Sexy Advertiser

Capitalizing on the approaching end of days prediction, Axe have created a new ad campaign titled Axe 2012 that coincides with the "Final Edition" new product line. Even though 2012 is a Mayan prediction and has nothing to do with the Noah's Arc story, Axe has chosen to continue in the same vain as their other successful 'Fallen Angels' religious theme campaign. Nonetheless, the spots production values are top notch with some inventive wood working props and set designs. And as always the sexy Axe formula is present in this one, as the enchanted girls line up 2 by 2 to board the hip new Arc.

Barclaycard Takes You On A Joy Ride With New "Rollercoaster" Advert

Global credit provider Barclaycard introduced the first credit cards in the UK back in 1966. That same year the song 'Downtown' became an international hit for a little unknown British singer named Petula Clark. Now over 40 years later, the classic 60's song is featured in a very high tech ad for the now billion dollar UK credit card company. Spending some of those earnings, Barclaycard has created a big budget spot that is filled with impressive special effects, as it presents a cool new way to commute to work downtown.

Veja Magazine "iPad" Ad is a Touching Tale of the Future

Capturing the paradigm shift and revolutionary changes that are occurring in print media and society as a whole, Brazilian magazine Veja and ad agency G2 Grey have created a subtle yet very effective advertisement to promote their availability on Apple's iPad. Having first hand witnessed the intuitive manner in which young children have taken to the iPad, this spots message is a poignant one on how this technology will change future generations forever.

Advertising Agency: G2 Grey, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Carlos Silvério
Creative Director: Cristiane Albano
Art Director: Tiago Oliveira
Copywriter: Felipe Ribeiro Account
Supervisor: Sérgio Brandão
Account Manager: Fabio Lyra
Production Co: Janela Digital
Director of Photography: Maurício Jordy
Motion Graphics: Thiago Ueda

Tricks Are For Kids in Rocksmith "Guitar Baby" Viral Ad Campaign

What makes for a great viral marketing campaign? The answer appears to be babies and impressive tricks. As part of software developers Ubisoft and the launch of their cool new guitar video game Rocksmith, they have created one of the most realistic prank ads I have ever seen. This ingenious piece of viral marketing and special effects makes the e-Trade and dancing Evian babies look archaic in comparison. Like a great illusionist, the spot's use of clever edits and simple youtube style camera work help sell the elaborate hoax.

Angry Customer Voicemail Turned Into Clever Alamo Drafthouse Cimema Ad

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema does not tolerate people talking or texting in their theaters and they take this rule serious. In fact, before every film they give several warnings on screen to prevent such inappropriate theater etiquette. Occasionally however some people don't follow these rules and movie goers have to be escorted out. Case in point is this clever spot that takes an actual voicemail of a customer who was recently kicked out of a Texas theater for her this type of bad behavior. The joke is on her though, as the clever movie chain turned her hilarious customer complaint into a viral video. So watch out the next time you complain to a company, they just might use you in one of their commercials.

T-Mobile's Angry Birds Promotional Ad Campaign is Right on Target

Now that T-Mobile offers the Apple iPhone they too are joining in on the fun world of apps and there is no bigger app in the world right now than Angry Birds. The phenomenally successful video game's popularity has been sky rocketing for it's creators Rovio Mobile ever since it's release in late 2009. In an attempt to cash in on the Angry Birds craze, much like they did earlier this year with their Royal Wedding spoof ad, T-Mobile have created a clever ad where they have reproduced a life-size version of the popular puzzle game.  The spot was shot in Spain and as the footage demonstrates,  it appears to be a smash hit.  

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, International
International Creative Director: Jason Romeyko
Copywriter: Luca Lorenzini
Art Director: Luca Pannese
Planner: Jason Lonsdale
Account Handler: James Griffiths, Charlotte Cook
Producer: Kate O’mulloy, Jennifer Kennedy
Production Company: Rokkit
Director: Legs – Greg Brunkalla
Production Company Producer: Andrew Levene
Editor: Dominic Cheung
Post-Production Company: Rushes
Audio Post-Production Company: 750MPH

Nike "Before and After" Spot Pays Tribute to a Soccer God

Nike Soccer's latest ad campaign is both a homage to a retiring football legend and an entertaining history lesson on how the beautiful game has changed over the years. The cool new soccer spot splits it's evolving history into two distinct era's: Before Ronaldo and After Ronaldo. Created by ad agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, ironically based out of Brazil's hated football rivals Argentina, the ad features cool clips and graphics demonstrating how Ronaldo's rapid-style play and technique have influenced the game and resonated with fans around the world.

Advertising Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Argentina
Creative Directors: Fabio Fernandes, Eduardo Lima, Theo Rocha
Creatives: Eduardo Lima, João Linneu, Theo Rocha
Head of Art: João Linneu
Agency producers: Adriano Costa, Marcio Leitão
Account: Marcello Penna, Saulo Sanchez, Camila Hamaoui
Media: Lica Bueno, Sandro Cachiello, Bruno Storace
Planners: José Porto, Utymo Oliveira
Producer company: Ioiô Filmes
Director: Jones e Tino
Cinematographer: Andre Faccioli
Post Production: Tribbo
Post Animation: Fernando Lanças
Illustrator: André Maciel
Editors: Ricardo Jones, Marcio Leitão
Visual Effects Editor: Marcio Leitão
Account producer company: Lu Novelli
Sound: Satélite
Composer: Music by Barbatuques "Baianá"
Edit: Satélite team
Advertiser's Supervisor: Tiago Pinto, Guilherme Glezer

New "Hot Wheels for Real" Ad May Sell to Kids but is Made for Dads

In an attempt to connect to with both their core demographic as well as an older audience, Hot Wheels and LA based ad agency Mistress have created a cool spot that will resonate with kids of all ages. The cool toy ad features some impressive car stunts as it tells the common narrative of a boy imagining his Hot Wheels was a real car. This global Hot Wheels campaign is another example of the legendary toy brands adage that if you get the big boys excited the little boys will follow.

Advertising Agency: Mistress, Los Angeles, USA
Agency Producer: Kay Lynn Dutcher
Production Company: Bandito Brothers
Executive Producer: Jeff Rohrer
Producer: Ryan Slavin
Director: Mike "Mouse" McCoy
D.O.P: Dean Mitchell
Cameraman: Mike Svitak
Editor: Jeff Tober
Editing Company: Bandito Brothers
Music: Beacon Street Studios / Composed Track
Sound Design: Lime Studios
Post Production: Bandito Brothers
SFX: Cantina Creative

Stella Artois New Ad "Respect" Proves Chivalry is Not Dead

Ad agency Mother London have created a clever new take on the classic chivalry tale with a beautifully shot 1 minute spot for client Stella Artois. The extended version spot titled "Respect" was shot in the historic city of Prague and features a gallant young man using every article of clothing at his disposal to impress the girl. The stylish strip teasing spot ends however with the gentlemen giving the ultimate mark of 'respect' to the pint of Stella. In one of the cool scenes the ad even pokes fun at itself as the gorgeous girl acknowledges that they are in a commercial.

Agency: Mother London
Director: Patrick Daughters
Producer: Matthew Fone
Line Producer: Charlotte Marmion
Director of Photgraphy: Martin Ruhe
Editor: Joe Guest
Post Production: The Moving Picture Company
Post Production Producer: Julie Evans
VFX Supervisor: Bill McNamara
Production Company: Riff Raff Films
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Local Production company: Unt Sofa
Line Producer: Filip Hejduk
Line Producer: Petra Ondrickova
Production Manager: Veronica Lencova
Production Designer: Petr Kunc
1st AD: Shakir Hafoudh

Luxury Hotel Gets 5 Stars For Classy Ad Campaign

A great new print and TV ad campaign from luxury hotel The Brown Palace brings classy back to advertising.  The ambitious campaign from the historic hotel located in Denver, Colorado beckons to it's days of past with it's stylish font and cocky yet clever copywrite over the beautiful images of the hotel providing  the backdrop.  A 33 second commercial titled "Stay the Night"compliments the brilliant prints with a spot that captures the elegance of the hotel. 

CD/AD: Sean Topping
CD/CW: Matt Ingwalson
AD: Camille King
CW: Karen Morris
AS: Lindsey Jacobsen
AC: Marissa Loken, Jackie Batts
MUSIC: Matt Nasi, Karen Morris, Kelsey Wittenberg
PHOTO & FILM: Bryce Boyer
EDITOR: Tom Welborn

Johnnie Walker Ad Keeps Walking With Cool "Inspired Insults" Spot

Johnnie Walker have garnered a top-notch reputation for their creative advertising campaigns in both TV and print media, and this latest 1 minute spot titled "Inspired Insults" is no exception. As part of the Johnnie Walker's "Keep Walking" ad campaign, they have commissioned for a gritty yet poetic urban inspired spot that perfectly embodies our current economic struggles with an inspiring message of perseverance.

Copywriter/Director: Jason Colvin
Producers: Rob Conticelli, Jason Colvin
DP: Nick Montalvo
Editor: Aristani Alvarez
PA: Alex Liebman
Cast, Artist: Christian Felix
Cast, Boss: Yavuz Hekim

Starburst Latest TV Spot is Filled With Funny Contradictions

To highlight the brands current slogan "It's a juicy contradiction", Starburst has hired New York based ad agency TBWA\Chiat\Day to create a fun new advert titled "Dog". The cute commercial features man's and at times advertising best friend - a dog, but this isn't just any dog, it's Benny the Innovator and he is filled with, you guessed it - contradictions. The absurd concept and clever copywrite however demonstrates that an effective advertisement can simply be just a funny narrative. Sure it would have been more impressive to actually see Benny pulling people into buildings on fire, but it was still fun to see him waging his tail out the car window.

Ad Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day- New York
Chairman & CCO- Mark Figliulo
Creative Director- Jonathan Mackler
Art Director - Jonathan Mackler
Copywriter – Jim LeMaitre
Production Co: Hungry Man
Director: Hank Perlman
Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne
Line Producer: Caleb Dewart
Director of Photography: Jo Willems
Editorial: MacKenzie Cutler
Editor: Ian Mackenzie
Assistant Editor: Mike Rizzo
Sound Designer: Sam Shaffer
Editorial Producer: Tatiana Vasquez
EFX Company: The Mill
VFX shoot supervisor: Michael Gibson
Lead Flame Operator: Keith Sullivan and Danny Morris
Assistant: Robert Bruce
Producer: Dan Roberts
Telecine: Co3 Colorist: Tim Masick
End Title Graphics: PES
Audio Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Tom Jucarone

Bacardi Brings It All Together in New TV Ad "Inventions"

In the cool copywrite of the ambitious new Bacardi ad "Inventions", it relates the common theme that throughout history certain things have always brought people together - fire, light, and now Bacardi. Like many alcohol ads the spot is shot in a very stylized manner by idealizing the perfect image of great looking friends getting together. Unlike other run of the mill liquor TV ads however, this one contains some spirited substance behind the liquor goggle lenses that the alcohol makers usually serves us.

Advertising Agency: RKCR Y&R London/New York
Creative Directors: Guillermo Vega, Kevin Brady
Copywriter: Tara Lawall
Art Director: Devon Hong
Producer: Claudio Gorini
Assistant Producer: Pia Clarke-Ebrill
Business Director: Ben Caulfield
Account Director: Jamal Cassim
Production Company: Gorgeous
Director: Johnny Green
Producer: Spencer Dodd
Production Manager: Judy Vermuelen
Director Of Photography: Ben Seresin
Editor: Ted Guard At The Quarry
Post Production / Grade: The Mill
Track: NYC moves to the sound of LA
Composers: Rodriguez, Torres, Kauhola, Solis
Publisher: Warner Chappell
Artist: Funeral Party
Mixer: Anthony Moore

Bavaria Beer Ad Starring Playboy's Hugh Hefner Proves Everyone Needs A Break

A cool new TV spot from Bavaria Beer features Hugh Hefner and his often demanding bunnies romping around in the infamous Playboy mansion. But apparently even Hugh Hefner needs a break from all the hard work as the Dutch beer ad's insightful tagline "Zo" attests to. Translated the term relates to the common belief that a beer tastes better after you've done hard work to deserve it. The funny and ironic spot is not that far from the truth, as Hefner is known to always keep his "boys" around to unwind after a long day of womanizing - similar to Frank Sinatra's "rat pack", who's classic tune "That's Life" is featured in the fun commercial.

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