Re-Creations Of Our Children's Favorite Cereal Mascots Are Sure To Spoke Em But Awesome Art

Our favorite cereal's and their mascots transformed by illustrator and designer, Guillermo Fajardo and they are fantastic. He call's his collection The Breakfast Time Cereal Collection which includes digital art recreations of Captain Crunch, the Trix Rabbit, Count Chocula and Frosted Flakes's Tony the Tiger. Check out more of Guillermo HERE.

Nissan Extrem New Concept Sports Car Gets Tough On The Streets

Nissan gets tough on the streets with their new concept sports car "Extrem". Nissan captured the vibrancy, color and excitement of Brazil with EXTREM, a radical car aimed squarely at the young (and young-at-heart) car enthusiasts keen to make a statement on the roads. Press below.

  • First concept car from Nissan designed specifically for Brazil
  • Design reflects the color and passion of the country
  • A new urban compact sports car that's exotic yet attainable
  • Rugged and agile 2+2 with distinctive color treatment

EXTREM has been created especially for Brazil. It has been designed for and built in the country and has its world debut at the 27th São Paulo International Motor Show (October 24 – November 4).

"Brazil is a country of great natural beauty and it has a passionate, rich culture. But this is not always reflected in the cars on its streets, especially the more affordable locally produced vehicles which tend to be conservative in design, color and specification," said Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer.

"EXTREM, with a dynamic, high-character design, is far from conservative. It was created to appeal to the country's growing band of city-based young professionals who are passionate about design and want to make a personal statement. The lightweight two-door 2+2, has a dynamic stance, fresh surfacing, and a clear rugged ability to tackle the urban jungle everyday," he added.

Designed by Nissan Design America (NDA) in San Diego, California, in collaboration with Brazilian designers and produced in Brazil, the concept previews a new breed of car. By blending versatility and toughness with the agility of a compact 2+2, EXTREM is a new genre of urban compact sports car.

Its unveiling at the São Paulo Motor Show underscores Nissan's commitment to Brazil. The country is one of the largest new car markets in the world and one in which Nissan enjoys significant sales growth. The company claimed almost two per cent of the 2011 market, doubling its 2010 sales, and aims to account for five per cent of new car sales in Brazil by 2016. via | USA

Behind The Scenes of Ikea's "Playing With My Friends"

The new IKEA "Playing With My Friends" ad has been so successful ad agency Mother and IKEA today released the making of the commercial. Come behind the scenes of this fun whimsical spot, meet Darren The Bear and see just how it was created.

See the Playin With My Friends ad HERE.

Creative Ad Agency: Mother, London
Director: Dougal Wilson
Production Co.: Blink
Producer: Ewen Brown
Editor: Ed Cheesman
Editing House: Final Cut
Post Production: MPC

The Kia Sorento is Making Families Turn On Their Mothers in "Fathertism" Commercials

The Kia Next Gen Sorento is such a sweet ride that it has kids turning their heads on moms cupcakes in this new ad campaign airing in Australia.

Above is the extended Part 1 cut of "Fathertism" where the kids turn their backs on their mums, and below in Part 2 mommy is caught admiring the new Sorento to the glaring disapproval of her not so sweet daughter.

Created by Ad Agency: Innocean

The Goon Holler Guide Book Trailer Is A Wacky Good Time

From the creative team behind Yo Gabba Gabba and The Aquabats Super Show comes The Goon Holler Guide Book. This great commercial promo trailer is the first look at the wacky new universe that is soon to become another children's TV show. The spot features the voice over work of Plankton from Sponge Bob Square Pants, Mr. Lawrence, stars Parker Jacobs, Nate Fackrell, Darla Jacobs, Matt Biggs, and Kristine Biggs

Directed and Edited: Will Kindrick
Cinematographer: Lars Lindstrom
Produced by: Parker Jacobs, Christian Jacobs, John Berrett, Amy Cook

Blackberry Is Gonna Keep On Loving Us

This video is a thank you to all developers supporting the BlackBerry platform. Your Developer Relations, Alliance and Developer Tools teams appreciate your enthusiasm and loyalty! We're Going To Keep On Loving You. Shown at BlackBerry Jam Americas Sept 2012.

We are going to keep loving developers at Research In Motion, all the way to BlackBerry 10 and beyond. Watch our leadership team for developer relations bring back the band: Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations & Ecosystem, Chris Smith, VP Application Platform & Tools, and Martyn Mallick, VP Global Alliances & Business. Thank you to those devs who are working hard, and for those jumping on board every day. Stay updated at and Let's Rock and Roll This!

As a Canadian devoted to her Blackberry thank you for this, but BB10 is your last chance with me RIM! I've been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I don't how much longer I can resist an Android or even worse an iPhone....make it good guys, in the meantime a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha Device might make me happy.

Solidar "Your Rights First" Ad Campaign

The Rome based Latte Creative Ad Agency recently created a 2 minute PSA promo spot for Solidar entitled "Rights First".

Solidar is a European network of NGOs working to advance social justice in Europe and worldwide. The 59 member organisations in 25 countries which include national NGOs in Europe, as well as some non-EU and EU-wide organisations, brought together by its shared values of solidarity, equality and participation.

SOLIDAR voices the concerns of its member organisations to the EU and international institutions by carrying out active lobbying, project management and coordination, policy monitoring and awareness-raising across its different policy areas.

Ad Agency: Latte Creative, Rome
Brand: Solidar
Advertising Agency: Latte Creative, Rome, Italy
Creative Director / Copywriter: Eugenio Orsi
Illustrator: Camilla Falsini
Animator: Emanuele Colombo

The NBA Kia 2012 Tip-Off Is Going To Be Big | "Countdown" Ad

With the NBA season set to Tip-Off the 2012 season October 30th, actually that's the KIA Tip-Off, ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners created the commercial "Countdown".
The ad features NBA stars Andre Iguodala, Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Stephen Curry, Joakim Noah, and Blake Griffin as they gear up for the roar of the crowd and the start of another season.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Co-Chairman/ Creative Director: Jeff Goodby
Creative Director: Marty Senn
Creative Director: Nick Klinkert
Copywriter: Zac Spector
Copywriter: Dave Bird
Art Director: Michael Gurman
Executive Producer: Tod Pucket
Producer: Timothy Plain
Production Company: Bob Industries
Director: Spencer Susser
Executive Producers: TK Knowles, John O’Grady, Chuck Ryant
Production Supervisor: Rachel Slayback
Production Manager: Bart Lipton
Editorial Company: Arcade Edit
Editor: Kim Bica
Managing Partner/EP: Damian Stevens
Executive Producer: Nicole Visram
Post Producer: Denice Hutton

Real Complainers Vote

One Nation of Complainers, Founded by Malcontents, Indivisible, with Bitching and Bellyaching for All. Strong words from improv comedian T.J. Miller who narrated the ad for Real Complainers Vote. The posters for the campaign are pretty cool too, check them out below.

Creative Advertising Agency: Third Street, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David T. Jones
Associate Creative Director: Max Mearsheimer
Director of Relationship Marketing: Phil Robinson
Foundation Content Production Credits:
Executive Producer: Samantha Hart
Creative Director/Motion Designer: Kyle Shoup
Artist: Ray Noland
Editor: Steve Morrison
Mixer: Dave Kresl
Associate Producer: Lily Tomczak

Poster Design by:
"If you aren't complaining about something then you're not paying attention to anything" designed by Adam Bluming.
"Real Complainers Vote: Close the curtain before you open your mouth" poster designed by Blaise Vincz.
"Give a f*ck then give 'em sh*t" and my personal favorite was designed by Danielle Riendeau.

Troy Polamalu Shines In At The School of Deeper Learning

Enjoy the Troy Polamalu Head & Shoulders "School of Deeper Learning" ad campaign with these three new ads. Master Troy Polamalu leads students on a journey into the world of Tai Chi, revealing some of the mysteries of the spirituality of shampooing in commercial above entitled "Spiritual Shampooing 101".

Below, Professors Troy Polamalu and Brett Keisel demonstrate the art of Spanish Air Guitar, delving into the deepness of facial expressions and the emotionality of proper fingering in the "Advanced Music Appreciation" spot. And lastly, the Intro to the Troy Polamalu School of Deeper Learning spot where he shows us his very own portrait of the Mona Lisa, correction the "Polama Lisa".

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Con Williamson
Creative Director: Michael Vaughan
Creative Director: Neil Levin
Executive Producer: Gregory Hall
Integrated Producer: Emily Deutsch
Art Director: Michael Vaughan
Copywriter: Neil Levin
Art Director: Elena Dulin
Copywriter: Aaron Alamo
Production Company: JH Årtists
Director: Zack Resnicoff
Director of Photography: Dan Stoloff
Executive Producer: James Hendershot
Line Producer: Penny Edmiston
Editing House: Hooligan
Editors: Peter Mostert, Kate Owen
Assistant Editor: Stephanie Crane
Producer: Lauren Basile
Executive Producer: James Hendershot
Visual Effects: Tanq
VFX Supervisor: Beth Fitzpatrick
Creative Director: Alex Catchpoole
Flame Artists: Jason Strougo
Executive Producer: James Hendershot
Production Company: Gifted Youth
Director: Ryan Perez
Director of Photography: Andrew Davis
Executive Producer: Dal Wolf
Line Producer: Anthony Ficalora
Editor: Caleb Swyers
Producer: Anthony Ficalora
Executive Producer: Dal Wolf

Zombies Find Love with New Mobile Dating App

In recent years, the zombie population has multiplied on a global scale. Zombies now make up a significant part of society, starring in countless video games, movies and popular television shows. Though they love to feast on human flesh, we havewhole-heartedly embraced the zombie community, turning them into a culturalphenomenon.

Recognizing a massive opportunity in the marketplace for a dating service that catered to zombie singles, Noise developed ZombieConnect, the first official mobile dating app for the walking dead- available on iTunes, and coming soon to Android.

Not a zombie? Zombie Connect allows everyday people to zombify themselves, browse profiles of fellow flesh-eaters and connect via Facebook.

Whether you’re looking for long-term love, a casual date or just someone to eat brains with, Zombie Connect is the perfect platform for bringing decomposing corpses together. Testimonials are pouring in fromzombies like Gorey Gretta, who used Zombie Connect to meet her now husband Bloody Barry. As they celebrate their first wedding anniversary she could not be happier, explaining:

“Eeeeeiiiibllllaaaaaahhh! Baahhh! Baaahhh! Fhhhpphhhh, ddaamumumum- kebbbblluuh, fluuh, fluuh. Kaaaaaahh!!!” - Gretta

You can get the Zombie Connect app for free at the iTunes App store. Get it Here.

With so many zombie-related cultural festivities coming up this month (Halloween), there’s no better time for you to find your slowly rotting soul mate.

Creative Ad Agency: Noise, Vancouver, BC.

MetLife "Whistle" Ad - Life Insurance In A Box - At Walmart

Here is the latest commercial for MetLife entitled "Whistle" starring Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang characters. The ad introduces a whole new way to buy life a box, with Snoopy on the cover, at Walmart.

MetLife introduces a brand new way to buy life insurance. And we're getting a little help from the Peanuts gang to explain just how easy it is. To get started, pick up a box at select Georgia and South Carolina Walmart stores today.

Ikea's First Music Video-Style Ad "Playin' With My Friends"

Ikea just launched its first music video-style commercials in the UK, and the adverts look great. The first, released to day is "Playin' With My Friends", Ikea says the ad is about bringing people together the party season and they do a good job of it.

Peter Wright, marketing manager for UK and Ireland at Ikea, said he plans to completely "transform and revitalize" the brand in the UK with its latest ads taking on the form of "music videos". He went on to say, "[Ikea is] moving from talking about products to talking about activities in the home. It's actually going to be done in the style of music videos. They're all up and coming artists so there will be a series of up and coming re-recording of tracks."

We'll be looking forward to seeing more this campaign, full credits and song/music artist to come.

See the behind scenes making of the advert HERE and meet Darren The Bear.

Updated: The music is a remake of the song "Playing With My Friends" by BB King and Robert Cray.
Creative Ad Agency: Mother, London
Director: Dougal Wilson
Production Co.: Blink
Producer: Ewen Brown
Editor: Ed Cheesman
Editing House: Final Cut
Post Production: MPC

Google Chromebook "For Everyone" Fun New Ad

Google introduces the the new Google Chromebook laptop with this commercial, "Chromebook for Everyone". From everything from For Doing, For Going, To Sharing, the ad features how the laptop can fit perfectly into your busy, fun and eventful lives with a worry free laptop.

Finally, a hassle-free computer. No annoying updates. Nothing complicated to learn. No expensive software to buy. Starts in seconds. And comes with all your favorite Google apps.

Awesome PSA Ads Will Stop Your Sexual Encounter At It's Peak

From The Aids Council of Finland and ad agency McCann Worldgroup, Helsinki come two new ads reminding us just how important using condoms are. The ad's entitled "Places for Women" and "Places for Men" begin as what surely looks to be a romantic experience with a young couple, until the pin map symbol that we've grown to love pops up with a friendly reminder of just how many people have been to the region before you.

Advertising Agency: McCann Worldgroup, Helsinki, Finland
Creatives: Jyrki Poutanen, Timo Silvennoinen
Graphic designers: Kari Mikkonen, Piia Seppälä, Kim Takala
Agency Producer: Jyrki Poutanen, Yrjö Haavisto
Production company: Ragnar Jansson Productions
Producer: Ragnar Jansson
Director: Ragnar Jansson
DOP: Niklas Nyberg
Editor: Ragnar Jansson
Animation: Fake Graphics / Sami Syrjä
Music: Husky Rescue
Sound: Marko Nyberg
On-line: Post Control / Markus Johnson
Camera assistant: Erik Ericsson
Styling: Patrik Brodin
Make up: Regina Törnwall
Others: Petteri Lillberg

What If Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Degas Had ShutterStock?

What if Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh and Edgard Degas would have known about shutterstock. Their masterpieces would just might have looked different. A new print ad campaign for the European market with a strong visual impact promoting the richness and variety of the Shutterstock image library.

Tagline: "From Scratch To Masterpiece. Shutterstock"

Ad Agency:
Country: France
Client: Shutterstock
Creative Director: Peter De Meurichy
Art Director: Evelyne Erviti
Copywriter: Nicolas RICHARD

Cadbury Screme Eggs Get Goo Goo'd In A Goopocalypse

This Halloween, Cadbury Canada created an awesome ad campaign by re-breanding their Creme Egges to the Screme Eggs. Oh and it isn't pretty, they have risen and they're hungry for one thing and their Easter brethren. To launch this new green goo-filled seasonal treat, ad agency The Hive waged a Goopocapalyse and an epic battle between good and evil eggs told through long-format horror movie-esque videos.

The Last Stand spot came with this message to all viewers:
Goo, goo goo goo goo goo Goopocalypse.
WARNING: The following footage contains content that may be disturbing to some Cadbury Creme Eggs.
Creme Egg viewer discretion is advised.
Together, we can survive the Goopocalypse.
Facebook for more Goo News Reports,

Agency: The Hive, Toronto
Production: Blacklist, New York
Director: Saiman Chow
Creative Director: Simon Creet
Producer: Jennifer Cursio
Associate CD / Copywriter: Jess Willis
Associate CD / Art Director: Paul Parolin

Brad Pitt "Wherever I Go" CHANEL N°5 Part 2

The story continues... Discover part two of the new CHANEL N°5 web film/commercial starring Brad Pitt, Wherever I Go is much the same as Part 1, "There You Are" (see it HERE if you missed it).  The big budget $7 million kinda big might be working for Chanel, but Pitt is getting crushed with negative comments on his role.

The "Ram Heart" | Guts Glory Ram Truck

Guts. Glory. Ram. For the Ram Truck lovers here is the newest TV commercial entitled "Ram Heart"

Agency The Richards Group enlisted Lucky Twenty One directing duo The Chartrands and editorial house Lucky Post for a return to RAM country—, a place where heart, desire, conviction and fight never ride shotgun.

In collaboration with the agency’s creative team, The Chartrands, Lucky Post editor Sai Selvarajan, sound designer Scottie Richardson and colorist Brian Boungiorno, this spot pays tribute to the team at Ram who are moving “Heaven and Earth” to design, engineer and build the very best trucks.

Like the craftsmanship and depth of spirit highlighted in the commercial, this production personifies RAM’s Guts and Glory attitude and goes way under the hood to expose it.

Ad Title: Ram “Heart”
Agency: The Richards Group
Group Creative Directors: Rob Baker, Jimmy Bonner
Copywriter: Chad Berry
Art Director: Mike LaTour
Producer: Craig Mungons
Production Company: Lucky Twenty-One
EP: John Gilliland
Directors: The Chartrands
Editorial: Lucky Post
Editor: Sai Selvarajan
Sound: Scottie Richardson
Color/Finish: Tone Visuals (Brian Buongiorno)

Nike Says So Long To Lance Armstrong

We wont be seeing Lance Armstrong and Nike together any longer nor as chairman of LIVESTRONG, the cancer non-profit organization he founded. Nike gave him the boot today and Lance stepped down from Livestrong via a Tweet. Nike is continuing to support Livestrong...Rough day for Lance.

Due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike for more than a decade, it is with great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him. Nike does not condone the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner.

Nike plans to continue support of the Livestrong initiatives created to unite, inspire and empower people affected by cancer.

Target "Big Dog" Holiday Christmas Commercial

Target is out early with the Holiday Christmas commercials this year with the "Big Dog" ad. The spot starting airing last week and features the Target Bullseye mascot..."The holidays are coming and they're gonna be big" and much to early in the season to be airing Christmas ads but, Great Ads still likes the spot.

The song and music is "Are you ready?" originally by Kate Miller-Heidke.
Ad Agency: 72andSunny

2013 Super Bowl Pepsi Half Time Show Will Be All Beyonce

All the single ladies will be watching Super Bowl 47 along with football fans thanks to today's announcement that the 2013 Pepsi Half-Time performer is Beyonce

NFL confirmed the news Tuesday afternoon after Beyonce posted a photo of herself sporting eye black, where "Feb. 3" is written on one and "2013" on the other, on her Tumblr page, Pepsi made it it official on their Twitter page. The Super Bowl is set for Feb. 3, 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

"A Taste of ABC Sunday" | Prime-Time Promo

ABC promote's their Sunday night with new ad campaign, "A Taste of ABC Sunday" highlights Sunday night TV shows: “Once Upon A Time,” “Vengeance,” and “666 Park Avenue. Full press below.

Led by Ntropic’s Nate Robinson and Andrew Sinagra, the creative team at Ntropic has created a visually enticing promo for ABC’s Fall Sunday Night Line-Up entitled “A Taste of ABC Sunday.” Collaborating closely with Executive Producer Joseph Uliano of One World Productions in Los Angeles and the Entertainment Marketing Division of ABC, the team of Robinson + Sinagra directed the piece, while Ntropic created all of the visual effects for the ground-breaking promo which began airing last month with heavy rotation during the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards.

The new ABC promo features a series of vignettes with an alluring, all-star cast showcasing the eclectic ABC Sunday Primetime line-up. All scenes featured in the new promo, directed by Robinson + Sinagra, were shot on a rigorous three-day schedule, on-set in Los Angeles. Elements were also shot in Vancouver and in the Hamptons. The creative process included a blending of live-action, motion-control, CGI animation and Flame effects. Shooting the background plates on different days from the talent meant that Ntropic needed to marry all of these elements and make it all appear seamless. The Ntropic team operated around the clock for three weeks creating flawless visual effects for the vignettes, interweaving a glimpse of ABC Sunday’s three prominent shows; “Once Upon A Time,” “Vengeance,” and “666 Park Avenue.” Spot on artistry combined with intricate visual effects, brings to life a “little taste” of magic, vengeance, and seduction.

“When I first saw this idea, it had so many challenging elements that I immediately thought of Ntropic for the VFX; and Nate and Andrew for their directing wizardry,” says Executive Producer Joseph Uliano. “Nate and I have had a very creative and ongoing relationship for over 10 years and there is no one I trust more to deliver. The final result of this project is even more proof of that.”

“We were super thrilled to work on this project with Joe Uliano and with ABC,” says Ntropic’s Nate Robinson. “In our research, we looked at literally hundreds of promos, and believed we could re-think what a promo could be. We had full support and collaboration from all the celebrity talent, which was amazing. On-set, we showed them the pre-vis so they could see what we needed them to do. I believe this project is a testament to Ntropic’s talent, aesthetic and philosophy; to be able to shoot and create this level of high-quality visual effects all within a three-week time period. We can’t wait to work with Joe and his clients at ABC again.”

Ad Agency:  Ntropics
Directed by: Nate Robinson, Andrew Sinagra
Client: ABC
Supervising Shoot Producer: Christopher O’Hara
Shoot Producer: Jabali Hicks
Senior Writer/Producer: Brenda Lau

Production Company: One World Productions, inc.
Executive Producer: Joseph Uliano
Producer: Norm Reiss
Director of Photography: Maz Makhani

Visual Effects & Post Production Company: Ntropic
Executive Producer: Jim Riche
Producer: William Lemmon
VFX Coordinator: Chelsea Miller
VFX Supervisor: Rob Hubbard
Flame Artist: Maya Bello-Korenwasser
Flame Artist: MB Emigh
CG Artist: Ricardo Zanettini
CG Artist: Johnny Diaz
CG Artist: Ariel Loza
CG Artist: James McCarthy
FX Artist: Emil Balek
FX Artist: Pasha Ivanov
Matte Painter: Vlad Binas
Matte Painter: Talon Nighshade
Colorist: Marshall Plante

"Movement" New Surface Commercial by Microsoft Is Actually Really Good

Enjoy the new "Movement" premiere commercial for MICROSOFT SURFACE from Director Jon M. Chu (DS2DIO, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The LXD, Step Up 3D) and cast of great dancers (full list below).

"From touch to type, office to living room, from your screen to the big screen, you can see more, share more, and do more with Surface."

The Surface tablet is set be released 10.26.12 and will run on Windows 8, the ad stars Daniel "Cloud" Campos and features some of the world's top dancers, they are:
Anderson, Corey
Andrews, Kendra
Azizian, Paulette
Boedekker, Stacy
Bonnevay, Marie
Brewton, Bianca
Brown, Jesse
Burns, Leon
Chapman, Lorenzo
Chynoweth, Jade
Clemmons, Vincent
Davis, Kylie
Exum, Kelli
Germar, Marko
Grahms, Daniel
Graves, Corey
Gutierrez, Jay
Guzman, Gabe De
Hoffman, Sky
Holt, Bailey
Hott, Julian
Inniss, Marc
Johnson, Josh
Kadish, Jake
Keller, Jessica
Kitama, Mayuko
Koumaev, Ivan
Lamkin, Brandy
Livingston, Emilie
Loftis, Will
Maas, Taylor
Markarian, Rachel
Medina, Marie
Monaco, Tony
Monnie, KC
Mour, Linda
Nairobi, Saidah
Nino, Ashlee
Prudich, Bill
Radomski, Kayla
Rodriguez, Ricardo
Rosado, Luis
Russell,Brittany Perry
Sandvig, Melissa
Scott, Christopher
Shaw, Brandon
Sherbman, David
Shibata, Tracy
Sims, Jamal
Smith, Chadd (Madd Chadd)
Spencer, Terrence
Stecklein, Tyne
Steffens, Timar
Stewart, Britt
Stewart, Nicholas
Tanaka, Bryan
Tanner, Jean
Thompson, Larsen
Todey, Kersten
Velez, Ivan (Flipz)
Washington, Tyrell
Williams, Brooklyn
Wilson, Dana
Wong, Alex
All Choreography by Christopher Scott and Jamal Sims.

1791 Denim Spot | Glenn Beck Keep's It 100% American

1791 Denim. 100% Made in the USA. Radio host Glenn Beck's new denim and clothing brand 1791 which originally launched as a charity clothing line 11 months ago, released a new commercial and web film (film below) promoting the clothing line.

Beck who was critical of the Levi's "Go Forth" campaign and complained that it "glorifies revolution"..."I put on a pair of old Levi’s and I said to my wife, ‘I love Levi’s! I’ve loved them since I was a kid. They’re my favorite jeans! I don’t know why I don’t wear them all the time!’ I am turning my red tabs in. I will not wear a pair of Levi’s. Won’t do it."

What's a man to do? You start your own denim shop! I have to be honest as a Canadian I have no positive or negative opinion of Glenn Beck, but I am really liking this 1791 Supply & Co. stuff.

See the Levi's Go Forth ad "America" that set Beck off  Here.

Jay-Z "Gotta Vote" Commercial for the Obama Presidential Election Campaign

Jay-Z shares why it is important to exercise your right to vote and how President Obama represents the power of our voice in a new TV ad/commercial from the Obama presidential election campaign entitled "The Power Of Our Voice".

As Jay-Z shares:

"For so long, there was this voice that was silenced out there as far as exercising your right to vote. I think it was a voice that was silent because people had lost hope. They didn't believe that their voice mattered or counted."

"Now people are exercising their right, and you are starting to see the power of our vote. He made it mean something for the first time for a lot of people. "

WWF Canada "The Inevitable News"

A 300m super tanker longer than the Empire State building has inevitably crashed into the shoreline of the Great Bear Region of coastal BC sending thousands of barrels of toxic diluted bitumen directly into the heart of the Great Bear Sea.

WWF, Canada (World Wildlife Foundation) launches a new public awareness ad campaign to garner support and action to stop the proposed construction of the Northern Gateway Pipeline through British Columbia’s ecologically sensitive Great Bear region. The campaign centers on "The Inevitable News", a news channel that covers the news "before it happens". A series of 4 segments will roll out on WWF-Canada’s Facebook page over the next two weeks – capturing the "breaking news" of an "inevitable" oil spill in the Great Bear region and highlighting some of the fallout in the region as a result of the disaster.

Advertising Agency: John st., Canada
Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Ass. Creative Director / Art Director: Nellie Kim
Ass. Creative Director / Copywriter: Chris Hirsch
Producers: Christine Stephens, Shawna McPeek
Digital Producer: Cas Binnington, Ryan O'Hagan
Account Team Lead: Melissa Tobenstein
Account Executive: Amelia MacGregor
Director: Christopher Hutsul
Production Company: Soft Citizen
Editor: Ross Birchall / Bijou Editorial
Visual FX: Track & Field
Music / Audio: Vapor Music
Colour: Redlab Digital
2nd Unit: Nicole Dorsey
Photography: Todd Duym

This Is Joe Woods First Day of Work | TD Ameritrade Spot

A new TV commercial for TD Ameritrade introduces us to Joe Woods who is at his first day of work. The ad is voiced by actor Matt Damon, who tells the story of how unpredictable the nature of life is while offering straight-forward retirement guidance. Joe looks happy now but wait til his investments tank, not to worry just cook what you love and save your money.

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Production: Pony Show Entertainment
Country: United States of America
Director: Brad Silberling
Executive Creative Director: Rick Condos
Executive Creative Director: Huner Hindman
Creative Director: Matt Ashworth
Creative Director: John Shachter
Producer: MJ Otto
Executive Producer: Tod Puckett
Account Director: Katie Rafferty
Account manager: Jenna Lubin
Director of Photography: Philippe Rousselot
Executive producer: Susan Kirson & Jeffrey Frankel
Line Producer: Fern Martin
Editing House: Spotwelders
Editor: Haines Hall
Producer: Carolina Wallace
VFX House: Kilt Studios
Producer: Mathew McManus

The Greatest Cat You'll Ever See | "Just Feels Inside" Toyota Commercial

A love-struck protagonist cat and a feel-good car are the makings of the one of best commercials I've seen this year, the best one starring a cat that is. This fantastic new commercial for the 2013 Toyota Corolla entitled "Feels Good Inside" features a curious cat who seems to have some bad luck with his curiosity, from being run over by a lawn mover to diving into wet cement. But the best part is this cat's dive attack on the dog. The ending, well let's just say this cat will be back.

Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
Client: Toyota
Executive Creative Director: Antonio Navas
Creative Director: Corey Chalmers, Guy Roberts
Creative: Sarah Litwin-Schmid, Emily Drake
GAD: Mark Cochrane
AD: Emma Guadagni
Production Company: Goodoil
Director: Hamish Rothwell
Producer: Sam Long
DOP: Crichton Bone
Editor: Peter Sciberras
Online: Nigel Mortimer
Audio Post: Liquid Studios
Music Composition: Elliott Wheeler
Music Composition: Turning Studios
Audio Post: Liquid
Sound Engineer: Craig Matuschka
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