Old Khaki Homegrown Ad

Thanks to Bikini Lines Blog for sharing this ad...I have no idea what they are advertising and really who cares after seeing this, there is only one thing on my mind right now.

Sexy Ads To The Extreme

In my defence I did post some sexy ads for the ladies too. By the way, these are real ads not spoofs. Sexy Ads sell.....sorry ladies

I have to get me some of these underwear!!

uuuhhhhh.....where do I buy these sauces.....SOLD!!

Call me a pig but this is one sexy ad and the next time I see this stuff I'll buy it!!

Versace Ad For The Ladies

The Ladies were demanding more lady friendly ads...so here you go ladies
Are you even looking at the shoes!!

Time TOP 10 List Best TV ADS OF THE YEAR

We love TOP 10 LISTS, here is Time Magazines Top 10 List for TV Commercials of the year

#1..Super Bowl of Love, Late Show with David Letterman
Long-estranged Dave and Oprah cuddle in front of the tube cheering their teams. "We both win because we're in love," he says. TD Late Show!

#2..Impossible Is Nothing, Adidas
Athletes like David Beckham discuss overcoming adversity and draw defining moments. Classy.

#3..Thief, Gatorade
A hydrated Derek Jeter and Harvey Keitel on the virtues of stealing.

#4..Onslaught, Dove
A little girl is hit with a barrage of ads promising to make a woman "younger, smaller, tighter" as Dove lathers up a new vision of beauty.

#5..Meredith, Apple
A guy describes how he used his iPhone to avoid a social blunder. The supergadget sells itself.

#6..Tina Fey, American Express
This gal's workday is crazier than yours. If the card works for her ...

#7..Happiness Factory
A plot, characters and cool animation: commercial or Pixar film?

#8..Most Interesting Man in the World, Dos Equis
At last, a beer-ad hero for people beyond the keg-stand stage of life.

#9..Live the Flavor, Doritos
Made by a consumer, it's appealingly homespun and, yes, cheesy.

#10..Rollin' VIP, Nationwide
Kevin Federline works in fast food--and reinvents his image.

When Ads Go Wrong....

You know how much I love great ads, but sometimes ads can be placed in the wrong location. Intentional or not...these ads are nothing special but when placed in the wrong location they become GREAT ADS.
Hope you enjoy these as much as I did finding them.
This is my favorite of the bunch, seems silly but really come on think about it why in the world would they have placed it right by the 404......for those of you who don't get it....404 error...hello

I know this isn't an ad, but they are advertising the CD's...I knew there was something strange about Yanni

Ad on the bus reads: "If you don't gave GIO Third Party Property Insurance, we suggest you don't hit this bus"

Condom Ads....Durex Does It Best

Know one does condom ads as well as Durex
These are great ads.....I love it when an Advert can make me sit back, smile
and get my imagination going.

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More Hilarious Vintage Ads

Prophylaxis, Venereal Disease, oh my god she's everyone's pal??
Forget the prophylaxis GET A NEW GAL THIS ONES BEEN AROUND!!

Vintage Smoking Ads, these are priceless

Wow, how times have changed. Doctors endorsed cigarettes, a fag was a smoke of some kind,
Santa Claus himself smoked and Santa even gave out cigarettes to all the good boys and girls on his list....Oh where oh where have the good old days gone.
Thank you to StrangeCosmos.com for posting these priceless ads.

Scrabble Gotta Love This Ad

I'll never look at scrabble the same way anymore.

The World of Healthy Smiles

Colgate Smile
I'm sorry, but this was just too funny.

Helping Students Since 1945

This is just good old fashion fun, clever and very realistic.
I know I've used a Bic to fill my hands with notes.

The Coke or Pepsi Butt Taste Test

This was just interesting and I wanted to share it, but it might be a great idea for a new Coca-cola and Pepsi campaign. Men would love, how does this sound...which cola drinkers have the greatest butt...Coke or Pepsi? Take the feel test today.

Nike, When You Have to Go....You Just Go

This Nike ad gives new meaning to the Just Do It slogan.
The dog is was what confuses me though, is it thirsty?

Bentley Automobiles, Now This Is Advertising At It Best

You have to love those guys over at Bentley Automobiles. Only Bentley could pull off this advert. I am curious about who they are flipping the bird too though, hopefully not us common folk but rather those other guys over at BMW or Benz.

The Million Dollar Building, What Next?

Don't believe me?
Go visit the site at million dollar building
I was shocked too.

Time To Do The Things You Love, Your Wife

I love the more relaxed regulations from some other countries regarding advertising.

This is a real billboard for ferrit.co.nz in New Zealand.
Can someone pass this site on to my husband please, that man needs more time dammit!!

What Do Bic Pens, Jimmy Hendrix and an Old Woman Have In Common?

I'm sorry you had to see this

One in three new dads in Britain admit to trying their partner's breast milk.

One in three new dads in Britain admit to trying their partner's breast milk.

Cow & Gate undertook a poll of 1,690 men to discover their attitudes on breastfeeding. No surprise here, men like the breast and they don't care what comes out as long as they get the boob. This clever ad ran awhile back during National Breastfeeding Week

Your Life Is Meaningless Until You've Made It with a Sheep

I'm speechless, clever ad I don't think so, funny ad I don't think so, great advertising I most certainly do not think.
This print ad is for Spartan Condoms and I think the Ad Agency that put this one together should never ever and I mean never ever run or create another ad.
Who in the hell would even want to wear a condom made from the intestines of sheep? Apparently they generate more heat...thats not heat Spartan, thats the penis trying to get the hell away from the sheep.

Idea Cellular

I've never heard if Idea Cellular, no idea where they are from and this is just wrong!!
Maybe shes just cold?

Nike Italy, Really Cool Football Ads

I love these Nike Football Ads from Italy
Nike L'Espresso this one is brilliant, but the Gatuso Pasta, what better player from the Italian football club to be used for this pasta ad. Forza Italia the Nike way.

Got Milk? Oh my sex sells even with milk ads

Ontario Milk Marketing Board advertisement promoting human consumption of cow's milk.
"Milk Gives" What in the world are they thinking in Ontario with this ad. Not even milk is safe from the sex sells attitude. I have to be honest though...as a woman is this milk bath thing good for my skin?Elizabeth Hurley and milk....I don't get it, are they trying to get men turned on to milk?
No offence, but when I first looked at this ad and saw the white stuff around her lips I wasn't thinking milk, sorry Elizabeth.

Weird and Wacky Ebay Auctions

Ebay is always a source of interesting advertising, not Ebay itself but wow some Ebay sellers really post some weird and wacky auctions
click here to check them out

Toilet Ads That Boost The Male Ego

New Sofitel wins acclaim for ‘Mona Lisa of Loo Art'

Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel and the Sofitel Melbourne often attract visitors from around the world who want to visit a loo with a spectacular view. Now Queenstown's newest hotel, Sofitel Queenstown, is joining that prestigious list with the most eye-opening male toilet of them all.

The second floor men's toilet, which services the complex's restaurants including Bezu and Fatz Cat, has been tastefully and aesthetically designed by the complex's developers Cam Marsh and Mark Perriam of Perron, and Brett Taylor of Group CDA. It features six unique individual ‘stands' manufactured by Three Sixty Limited in Auckland.

But it's not the tasteful design or subtle lighting that has tongues wagging in the New Zealand resort town.

It is the six-metre long backdrop of life-size photographs featuring local models in varying poses directly behind each of the six stands – each with a full view of the action.This one is just funny, but I'm curious are those female or man lips?

Great Billboards, The Mini Way

I love the Mini Billboards, they are some of greatest billboards around.

The "Axe" Effect

I'm not sure if this is fake, but I can see an ad like this in Europe for sure.
I love the Axe Ads this one though is somewhat turning me off women, just imagine how many guys have been through this tunnel....lol...

The Man Behind The Google Doodle

Meet Mr. Dennis Hwang
Dennis Hwang's drawings are viewed by nearly 180 million people a day. He's one of the most important graphic designers in the business world. And yet the mild-mannered 29-year-old keeps a low profile--and devotes only a small fraction of his time to his art.
Hwang's whimsical designs serve a serious business function. Google's multi-colored Google logo is just as important a branding device as Apple's apple. As Google balloons into a powerful and controversial tech behemoth (see BusinessWeek.com, 5/30/07, "Google Is Making You Dumber"), the doodles humanize the company. With their rough, hand-drawn look, they hark back to the company's experimental, nimble, intellectual, and fanciful startup legacy. "The doodles let Google wink at their audience," says Bill Gardner, founder of LogoLounge.com, a site that covers trends in corporate logo design.

Sex Sells, But Even for Toilet Paper?

I know that sex sells whether we like it or not, but come on this is an ad for toilet paper.
Is this a great ad, in the words of my sweet old dear mother "mamma mia".
Does that woman really want to get that close to this guys rear end, I mean come on he just used the toilet! Oh wait a second they are going to go together....great....I don't know about you but
I do not want to ever share my toilet paper with my man.
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