Best and The Worst Super Bowl Commercials

The hype is over and now we enjoy all the talk of which Super Bowl commercials are the best this year.
At the top of my list is the Budweiser Clydesdale Circus commercial, as expected the Clyesdale horses are the stars of this years Best Super Bowl Ads.

At number 2 well it was a tie, the two spots created by amateur advertising gurus for the the Doritos Crash The SuperBowl Contest.Crash the super bowl power of the crunchthe office crash the super bowl doritos commercial

The Power of the Crunch and The Office commercials created for the Doritos contest were actually much better than most of the ads this year. View the spots here Contest Winners.

Next on my list is the funny Bridgestone Super Bowl commercial titled "Taters" starring Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.

Rounding out my favorites was the 30 second spot for Cheetos, the spoiled girl attacked by pigeons was just too funny.

As for the worst commercials of the Super Bowl there is just one that takes the Top Spot for worst ad this year. I'm sure most of you will agree the Cash4Gold Super Bowl commercial with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon seemed more like one of those tacky late night infomercials. In case you missed it here it is again.
Other commercials worth mentioning in the worst ads of the game are the GoDaddy commercials. They really are just getting boring and old.
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