Tabasco Sauce Cheers On The Saints in the 2010 Super Bowl

Ken Wheaton over at might be a little bias, but he is calling this Tabasco Hot Sauce the best Super Bowl related ad of all time...I have to agree with him. Hope Ken doesn't mind us quoting him...."You'll forgive a wee bit of bias here, won't you? Not that you have a choice. The Super Bowl is this weekend. A certain team made the game. This ad, from a company based in my home state, touches on that. It is the best ad ever. I don't care if you're a Colts fan. You've had enough glory for one lifetime -- and your food is lame and you can't hold your liquor. ENJOY!"

The Tabasco bottle reads....On February 7th the hopes of city will finally go marching in. That is pretty cool.
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