Aspirin Bus Ad "Headache"

Aspirin ads were wrapped on the backs of buses all around the city of Toronto. The ads used brake lights to exaggerate the pain caused by headaches. When the buses braked, the lights lit up to highlight the throbbing pain. As Toronto is one of the worst cities for traffic, the message especially hit home for commuters stuck behind these buses.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Toronto, Canada
Agency website:
Advertised brand: Aspirin
Title: Aspirin Headache Lights
Headline and copy text: "Aspirin Extra Strength for headaches."
SVP Executive Creative Directors: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi
Art Director: Jonathan Guy
Copywriter: Frank Macera
VP, Account Director: Steve Groh
Account Supervisor: Nevena Djordjevic
Production: SGL Communications
Client: Bayer Inc.
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