The Hunt For Fast Adidas miCoach App

Fast football currently dominates the beautiful game with the likes of Lionel Messi, Ashley Young, and David Silva controlling matches across the world. Now, with the launch of the groundbreaking adidas F50 powered by miCoach, adidas is giving UK footballers the chance to prove they’re fast too with their ‘The Hunt For Fast’ campaign.

adidas is scouring the nation for the fastest 11 amateur footballers in the land. After playing in a match or training session wearing a new pair of f50 boots powered by miCoach, you’ll be able to view your performance data including: average speed, top speed, distance covered and more. Then, you can upload the stats directly onto miCoach and compare them to other players across the country. The players who with fastest times each week will be rewarded with a place in the fastest team ever assembled.

The adizero F50 miCoach players who make it into the team will be given ultimate recognition for their efforts with personal advertisements appearing in press, online or pitch side hoardings at football matches across the country. Additionally, select winners will get the chance to put their speed to the ultimate test by meeting and competing against some of the fastest professional players in the premier league.

Thanks to the miCoach chip in the boot, players are able to track their performance as the devise measures 360 degree movement, the number of sprints, and distance covered in the game.
The chip wirelessly connects to your smart phone, iPad, PC or Mac and uploads your statistics which you can then share via social media channels.
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