Billycock Jeans "Denim Worth Dying For" Short Film

Australian jean maker BillyCock apparently makes denim worth dying for, I'm sure you'll agree after watching the spot that the tagline should have been Worth Killing For. Jai Films, the production company behind the film, confirmed that TV networks had been approached, but they had declined to run the film because of its strong content. The film is intended for cinema and the internet.

The video was directed by Jared Beekhuyzen. Jai Films created the film from concept to completion; no ad agency was involved. Billycock plans to run an ad suitable for TV in the new year.
Director: Jared Beekhuyzen
Concept: Jared Beekhuyzen
Producer: Igor Shmaryn
DOP: Christopher Lee Miles
Editor: Alan Harca
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