Isaiah Mustafa is MANta Claus For Old Spice

Isaiah Mustafa is back in a new ad campaign for Old Spice, MANta Claus and Old Spice plan to give out 7 billion gifts.

Day 1 -- The Man Your Man Could Smell Like begins his quest to give a gift to every single person on Earth this holiday season, including an elegant pair of ladyshoes made out of necklaces to a close, personal friend.

Day 1 - 25 friends get 25 bear-shaped deodorant protectors, and 25 criminals get 25 reasons to not steal any deodorant.

Day 1 -- "The Greatest City in America" gets a promotion-promoting letter-gift in the December 6th edition of the Baltimore Sun.

Day 1 - After 1.5 kabillion years, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like finally gets around to explaining how Australia got awesome.

Day 1 results as of December 5,2011....Isaiah Mustafa, The Old Spice MANta Claus has given gifts to 25,390,651 people.

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
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