SnöBar - Frozen Alcohol-Infused Ice-Pops and Ice Cream

Here is a new spot for SnöBar, the ad introduces us to what they claim to be the Cocktail for the 21st Century. Are we ready to embrace an alcoholic popsicle?

Breakthrough innovations within the spirits category have been few and far between.SnöBar is changing all of that. SnöBar has successfully created a fun way to enjoy cocktails by launching gourmet, frozen alcohol-infused ice-pops and ice cream. Made with natural ingredients and premium alcohol, there’s a full cocktail in every serving, the alcohol infused desserts are guaranteed to stimulate and please even the most sophisticated palate.

Copywriter: Billy Pollina
Producers: Billy Pollina, Dave Goldberg, Ron Dumont
Executive Producer: Shannon Masjedi
Co -Director: Billy Pollina
Co-Director: Dave Goldberg
Art Director: Jason Larimer
Director of Photography: Brian Vilim
Editor: Dave Goldberg
Production Services: AZ Studios, Los Angeles
Camera: HDiablo
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