Hyundai Ad Campaign - Valet Parking - Faster Acting

Mighty director Alexander Paul recently lensed a three-spot package promoting Hyundai's Genesis R-Spec and Equus vehicles.

Faster Acting focuses on a test driver guiding his Genesis R-Spec around a test course. As he bolts over the track in a squeal of smoke and speed, Paul shows us the car from multiple angles, including a goosebump-inducing view from behind the wheel. Valet Parking is a slow-motion spiral through the skylines and boulevards of Manhattan. As a couple gazes out the window of their Equus at the Guggenheim Museum in wonder, the valet nearly drops his client's keys watching the car roll past, and a narrator reminds viewers that J.D. Power recently ranked the ride highest in the vehicle appeal category for premium cars. Review begins with the oft-heard expression, "You can't always get what you want"; a Hyundai with a GDI engine navigates through the back roads of the Hamptons, its relaxed driver allowing his GPS navigation system to lead him pass hedgerows and summer estates as he sinks into the elegant leather interior. A final shot of the vehicle's sleek exterior proves that getting everything one wants in a car is quite possible.

"It was a real pleasure being able to interpret Hyundai's message with a great deal of artistic freedom," stated Paul. "Visually speaking, I wanted to give all three spots a distinct look and feel, reflecting both the raw experience of the car and the landscape in which it's being driven. While the fluidity of Valet and Review convey the elegance of the models, the sharp, precise cuts Faster Acting evoke speed and performance. We made the most of all three shoots, especially Valet, when the earliest snow blizzard in New York's history called for some much-welcomed improvisation."

"Alexander's love of cars is evident in his work," noted EP Eric Bonniot. "He treats them with a unique sense of humanity, giving them character through the stories he tells. Shooting these spots was a lot of fun for us because Hyundai is really in touch with its audience, and its new line of vehicles are an absolute knockout."

Client: Hyundai
Spot Title(s): Valet Parking, Faster Acting, Review
Agency: Innocean
CD: Ed Miller
AD: Tyson Brown
Copy: Cooper Olson, Jonathan Hum
Prod Co: Mighty Film Co.
Director: Alexander Paul
DP: Stephan Von Borbely
EP: Eric Bonniot
Producer: Susanne Porzelt
VFX: Liquid
Lead VFX Artist: James Bohn
VFX Artist: David Parker
Producer: Terry O'Gara
Editorial Co: Spot Welders
EP: David Glean
Senior Producer: Carolina Wallace
Editor: Michael Heldman
Asst. Editor: Patrick Murphree
Telecine Co: New Hat
Mixer: Bob Festa
Shoot Location: NYC, Hamptons, Alabama

Attribution: Written content created by TRUST:
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike
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