Santa Doesn't Do Poor Countries | Unicef Spot

Santa Doesn't Do Poor Countries is the newest ad for Unicef. The commercial might seem harsh, but that's the point.

The ad, by Forsman & Bedenfors, starts off like so many Christmas commercials, with jolly St. Nick laughing merrily in his workshop, snow falling gently outside. But it quickly takes a left turn when he inspects one box of presents and realizes it contains nothing but medical supplies. Taken aback, he insists that such gifts, life-saving though they may be, simply aren't good Christmas presents—and he flatly refuses to deliver them. "I don't do poor countries," he says with a grim stare. via: adweek

Client: Unicef
Agency: Forsman & Bedenfors, Stockholm, Sweden
Production Company: Acne
Director: Tomas Skoging
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