Google Introduces Fiber "The Next Chapter Starts Here" Preview Spot

A fantastic new web film created to promote the new Google Fiber, "The Next Chapter of the Internet Starts Here" is a brilliant animated video.

The cars and model installation were built by hand, and filmed at Agua Dolce airport in Santa Clarita, CA. The installation now resides in the Fiber Space in Kansas City, which will be the first U.S city to have the super fast internet service made available too. The song and music is The Cars song "Just What I needed".

Google Fiber starts with Internet speeds 100 times faster than what most Americans have today. In this video, we see the evolution of the Internet represented in three different stages. It started with Dial-Up, grew with Broadband -- and with Google Fiber, the possibilities are endless. KC residents can pre-register now at

Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
Client: Google
ECD: Paul Venables
ECD: Will McGinness
CD: David Kim
CD: Tom Scharpf
AD: Ezra Paulekas
CW: Kelly Diaz
CW: Rob Calabro
Director: Ben Steiger
Director: Aaron Duffy
Director of Photography: Will Rexer
EP: Sam Penfield
Producer: Leanne Amos
Editing Company: Lost Planet
Editor: Tyler Higgins
Sound Design: 740 Sound Design & Mix
Sound Designer: Eddie Kim
Sound Designer: Rommel Molina
Sound Design Executive Producer: Scott Ganary
Music: Human
Mix: Lime
VFX: Liquid
VFX Producer: Erica Headley

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