Chevrolet "The Road We're On" | Episode One: Welcome To Bridgeville

Chevrolet begins their Centennial celebrations with a web film created by Mother, New York entitled The Road We're On. Along with an interactive microsite a series of webfilms will be released weekly leading up to November 3, the first from Bridgeville, Pennsylvania showcases the heritage and connection between the town and Chevy.
Agency: Mother New York
Client: Chevrolet
Creative: Scott Carlson, Blaise Cepis, Stacey Smith and Leigh Masters
Mother: Michael Rose and Laura Perlongo
Strategist: Daniel Edmundson
Executive Producer: Jill Silberstein
Producer: Diana Frame
Director: Scott Carlson, Blaise Cepis, Lance Edmands and Phil Van
Director of Photography: Dima Dubson
Director of Photography: Matt Mitchell
Editor: Lance Edmands and Mike Sobo
Assistant Editor: James Blose
Sound Design: Michael Coffman
Post Supervisor: Diana Frame
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