Virgin Book by Weather

Feeling adventurous? Well now you can let Virgin pick your next vacation destination.
Instead of booking a trip, you can book a weather. Yes, a weather, because that's what more often than not can ruin even the most well-though-out perfect vacation. Weather you're going somewhere windsurfing and you're in need of wind, a skiing holiday and you need snow (obviously) and minus degrees or a beach bum looking for sun - this is what you need.
Although, this would appeal to the more adventurous traveler or the one that doesn't really have a specific destination in mind. Technically it's very simple. Virgin would scan the weather forecasts right up until your departure date and take you as far as your money stretches in order to also provide you with the perfect weather to match your soon-to-be perfect vacation.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Instructors: Tara Lawall
Art Director: Glen Hansen
Copywriter: Otilia Dobrea
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