UnZip X - Mysterious Video TV Ad

What is UnZip X, who knows but we will find out what's behind this mysterious video promo on November 8, 2011.
All I can tell you about this is what I got in an anonymous email sent to me the other day...

You might have already seen the commercial on TV. You might have heard
the heartbeat and seen the flashing lights. Is that high heel? There’s
someone in there, just waiting to get out. It may not be Super Bowl
season, but this is the commercial everyone is talking about, and
everyone’s dying to know: Who is X? We can’t unveil the secret yet,
but it’s obvious enough, this is going to be a BIG announcement.

Right now, only the :15 seconds of UnzipX are airing on TV. You never
know, you just might recognize who it is. Don’t forget to come back to
YouTube.com/unzipX on November 9th and unzip the mystery for yourself.
Until then, we’ll never tell.

That's all I know......honest.

UPDATE: Nov. 7 A few more clues have been revealed in the recent release of this clip HERE
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