Brian and Stewie from Family Guy in Wheat Thins Commercial

New Wheat Thins commercial features Stewie and Brian from "Family Guy" doing exactly what they do best: argue and fighting.
The ad pays homage to Stewie's ongoing difficulties with a certain pronunciation.

Client: Wheat Thins
Title: "WHheat Thins - Family Guy"
Agency: Being, New York
Creative Directors: Lisa Topol and Samira Ansari
Art Directors: Mitchell Ratchik, Jelani Curtis
Copywriters: William Burks Spencer, Christopher Stephens
Executive Producer: David Fisher
Producer: Dwight Clifford
Business Affairs Director: Samantha Norvin
Sr Talent Manager: Brian Enright
Group Account Director: Caroline Winterton
Account Director: Kim Tice
Account Manager: Catherine Sweeny
Project Manager: Tanya Woods

Editorial: Chop Shop
Editor: Daniel de Winter
Production Company: Fox Television Animation
Executive Producers: Seth MacFarlane, Kara Vallow
Producers: Kim Fertman, Shannon Smith
Production Manager: Brent Crowe
Associate Producer: Charles Song
Production Coordinator: Leslie Rider
Director: Brian Iles
Voices: Seth MacFarlane
Editor: Eric Brown
"Hair Pie" written and performed by: Ron Jones
Trademark Licensor: Fox Film Music Corp / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp
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