Britney Video Awards 2012 Promo Video

For all the Britney Spears fans still around, did you know there is a little award show that celebrates individuals who create Britney videos? Too late to submit your video to the 2012 BVA's but you can still vote here: britneyvideoawards2012. Categories range from best editing, best promo etc. to best remix, color, and even a best lip synched video category. Personally I just liked the promo video above.

From their YouTube channel......
"Britney Video Awards" is an internet voting award show, and its ALL ABOUT BRITNEY!
For all fans of Britney Spears and a lot of YouTube users that are making some really amazing videos.And this is a way they get awarded for their amazing videos!

This is the 2nd annual BVAs show.And there will be a lot more in the upcoming years.Last year was a great success and I'm very thankful for everyone who worked with me on the last ones and there was about 100+ nominations,2200+ votes,and 10000 views on all the vids which is absolutely amazing!!!

The show is based on internet voting.Theres about 30 categories,and nominations for each category.
First you submit your videos(YOU SUBMIT VIDEOS BY FILLING OUT THE FORM,Theres a desc of the full process below this text) later the submissions are viewed by a jury consistent of 5 judges that choose nominations for every one of the categories.Nominations are announced in a video uploaded on New Years Eve.

The submitting starts December 2nd and ends December 25th.Until then you can submit your videos for each category(or someone elses video).When voting ends,the winners will be announced a week later and awarded for their work(15 subscribers and regocnition .If you win it would be a great promo for you channel and your videos!

The winners will be announced in a show(just like VMAs but much smaller,and not so popular) !
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