David Beckham for H&M in Super Bowl XLVI Commercial

Photo courtesy H&M
Ladies here is one reason for you to tune into the Super Bowl on February 5, during the second quarter of the game, H&M will debut a 30-second ad starring David Beckham wearing nothing more than his boxers! H&M will be launching the new David Beckham Bodywear collection.

Steve Lubomski, Director of Marketing for H&M North America, said in a statement..."We're thrilled with this campaign and excited to captivate viewers' attention during the Super Bowl, the biggest stage in the world to unveil our ad campaign."

"The underwear is totally my designs, and are things that I like to wear," Beckham told U.K. newspaper The Sun. "I sometimes wear them to go to sleep -- they're very cool," he explained.  Is it just me or does that quote just sound strange?
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