Bridgestone Releases 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Teaser Ads

Bridgestone is among one of the first 2012 Super Bowl XLVI advertisers to start building up the hype to the Super Bowl ad game with a teaser campaign. "Performance Balls and Puck" commercials, launched during the Bridgestone Winter Classic hockey game on NBC. Sports commentators Mike Milbury, Barry Melrose, Dick Vitale and Michelle Beadle compete to be the first to the scoop in the "Time to Perform" press conference.

The engineers at Bridgestone are about to make a very important announcement: they're going to take their vast knowledge of performance on the road and bring it to the playing fields of the world; a bold move that promises to revolutionize sports as we know it.

Follow the biggest sports reporters as they try to break the story of how Bridgestone is going to attempt to revolutionize the world of sports by bringing their tire technologies to each sport. Stay tuned at leading up to Super Bowl XLVI. The spot features: Michelle Beadle, Dick Vitale, Barry Melrose, Mike Milbury and Kenny Smith.

Sports legend Dick Vitale is tracking the Bridgestone story but a rising star in Michelle Beadle thinks she will get the scoop first. Follow the story at to learn more about Bridgestone taking their innovative tire technologies into the world of sports.

The latest announcement left the world's leading sports announcers speechless and tweet-less.
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