Mini Fan The Flame

Mini Fans The Flame with new Facebook ad campaign, check out the Facebook page here.
"A MINI Countryman was placed on a slope of 15% hanging only on a thick rope.
Under the rope a bunsen burner was placed. Once you have liked the Facebook page
you can watch the live construction, which was build on the parking lot of the
Brussels Motorshow and remote ignite the flame from the campaign website."

Agency: TBWA
Creative Director Online: Gert Pauwels
Creative Director: Hendrik Everaerts
Art Director: Lander Janssens
Copywriters: Paul Van Oevelen, Bout Holtof
Account team: Bénédicte Ernst, Hadoum Ghassab
Online Project Manager: Tine Anthoon
Digital project Coordination: Jan Bikkembergs, Stijn Dupas
Online Strategic Planner: Rindert Dalstra
Flash Development: Ken Kool, Diederik Vanderemoortele
HTML & PHP Development: Geert Broeders
Motion Graphics: Annelies Eskens

Thanks Rindert
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