"Gold - Make Your Own" Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2012

How this entry into the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl 2012 contest didn't make it as one the finalist is beyond me. The list of ingredients used in the "Make Your Own Gold" spot alone could have made this a winner.

I knew you'd want to know so here you go...full list of ingredients:
Staff of Anubis, Philosopher Stone, Rubber Hammer, Rubber Nails, Moon Rock Salt, Archimedes Screw, Harpsichord, Parachute, Blank, Bag of Holding, Cloud Mist, Elven, joy, Lucky Penny, Love Song, Erlenmeyer Flask, Marcoscope, Sense of Wonder, Blankety Blanks, Temporal Glitch, Haiku, Nods, Sweeps, Beeps, Deeps, Sneeps, Reeps, Winks, Memories, Fireballs, Congratulations, Laughter, Lightening, Star Dust,Rings of a Tree, Mother's Approval, Mountain Air, Cheesiness, Inspiring Footage, Smiles, Secret Ingredient, Smell of Morning, Love, and of course Salt.

Written by: Jack Dreesen, John Ramsey & David Ward
Directed by: David Ward & John Ramsey
Produced by: Jack Dreesen, John Ramsey & David Ward
Starring: Byron Brown
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