Lil Lets "Giggle" and "Horny" Print Ads

As part of a brand re-launch, Lil-Lets has created a new campaign aimed at encouraging women to embrace their femininity.

Women’s bodies work in amazing ways and Lil-Lets knows why women feel the way they do during their cycle. The new campaign positively embraces this knowledge and shares it with an unexpected edge that may surprise women themselves.

Using striking headlines and intriguing insights including ‘HORNY’ which reveals that “if your period makes you feel a bit horny, it’s because your body knows an orgasm is one of the best, natural ways to ease the discomfort of cramps”, the campaign hopes to connect with today’s woman and recruit a new younger generation to the brand, as well as appealing to loyalists.

The press campaign will appear in women’s monthlies and weeklies. The digital campaign features True and False questions linking to an interactive Body iQ quiz that tests the nation’s knowledge of how the body works, including everything from orgasms to the shopping gene.

Clodagh Ward, Director of Marketing at Lil-Lets, said; “At Lil-Lets we are passionate about celebrating femininity and all there is to love about being a woman. The campaign devised by Leagas Delaney brings this vision to life and underpins what we are all about – we know that periods are a natural part of a woman’s life and we are in tune with how it makes you feel.”

Nigel Roberts, Creative Director at Leagas Delaney, said; “We wanted to create a campaign that was different to the category. Candid references to why your body works the way it does during your period has grown-up honesty to it.”

The press ads will feature new packaging and highlight key products outside of their heritage in tampons, including applicator tampons and towels.

Creative Director: Nigel Roberts
Associate Creative Director: Timo Klaarenbeek
Art Director: Chris Felstead
Copywriter: Adam Arber
Digital Art Director: Kalle Everland
Digital Copywriter: Will Pike
Account Director: Layla Potter
Agency Producer: Alexa Easterby/Ben McMullen/Amy Chalkley
Photographer: Jo Metson Scott
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