2012 Toyota Tacoma | Wacky Girlfriend Cliff Jump Ad

The Toyota Tacoma has earned quite a reputation among pickup trucks, which is quite a feat in a market that has been traditionally dominated by American brands like Ford, GMC, Dodge, and Chevrolet. And because competition is stiff in the segment, manufacturers often craft ads trying to convince consumers that their truck as the strongest and most durable currently available. While they all use words like “tough” and “rugged” to describe their vehicles, Toyota goes that extra mile in their most recent Tacoma commercial to bring those words to life. The ad provides a humorous twist to the theme of durability in what is sure to be one of the most memorable automobile commercials of the year.

Set on a beach below a steep and rocky cliff, the commercial’s opening shot is of four young adults taking a joyride through the sand. Made to appear as if viewers are witnessing a home video, the truck’s passengers hoot and holler while their Tacoma kicks sand high into the air. The scene abrubtly ends as if someone began taping over the home video and cuts to a young woman, presumably the truck owner’s girlfriend, who begins to air her frustrations about “Mike” and his “precious four-by-four, hang-out-all-day with your stupid friends truck.”

She continues her rant making fun of Mike for describing the truck as “totally sick,” and her extreme jealousy is more than apparent to viewers. It immediately becomes clear she is going to teach Mike a lesson by showing him what she really thinks of his Tacoma. At this point, viewers are sympathizing with the young woman and probably thinking of their own significant others’ prized possessions. This sympathy turns to shock, however, when at the end of the girlfriend’s rant, she turns away from the camera towards the top of the cliff and yells “push it!”

The 2012 Tacoma bounces and flips over boulders and outcroppings, at one point somersaulting repeatedly down the hill, and the whole time the girlfriend is wildly screaming her approval. A few seconds later, when the truck makes it to the bottom of the hill, it miraculously lands right side up and seems undamaged by its rocky decent. The girlfriend screams “Noooo!” and the commercial ends with these words on the screen, “Tacoma Double Cab: Toyota Get the Feeling.”

Obviously the commercial is a hyperbole, no pickup truck would survive such a fall unscathed. However, with it’s comedic exaggeration, Toyota has created a vivid image in the mind of the consumer. The message that the Tacoma is the toughest, most durable truck available comes across loud and clear.

This guest post was provided by Brittany Larson of Toyota of Turnersville.

Ad Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles
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