Banned Olympic Ad That isn't an Ad But Worth The View

Here's an interesting advert for all you creative minds to analyze...This Youtuber uploaded a 2012 Olympic themed commercial for "Body In Motion", labeled it "Banned Advert" which features nothing more than several women athletes doing what do they best, and sits back and watches his few count soar. (I'll give it a few days considering it was uploaded today).

Here are a few other banned Olympic commercials, the first is from Ugg Australia (it's actually pretty good), takes a page from the Chariots of Fire classic movie, as 5 Ugg wearing runners in boxers battle the rough terrain in their Uggs of course.

Oh and btw...the NIKE "Find Your Greatness" ad campaign is NOT an official London 2012 Olympic sponsor, and their ad agency Wieden+Kennedy deserve a gold medal pulling this brilliant campaign off.

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