Jessica Alba "The Next Level" for the 2013 Lexus RX F Sport

Roadside Entertainment recently turned to MindSmack’s editing and post talent for the inspiring digital campaign “The Next Level” for Lexus. Working in close collaboration with Roadside Entertainment, MindSmack Editor Paul DiNatale helped shape short documentary vignettes that showcase the entrepreneurial spirit of eight celebrity business owners from a variety of industries. The films feature luminaries Russell Simmons, Grant Achatz, Padma Lakshmi, Steve Stoute, Rachel Roy, Jessica Alba, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, and Adam Rapoport. These entrepreneurs elevate industry standards as they each strive to achieve “the pursuit of perfection.” Being fearless, bold and forging new roads to success is the ‘through-line’ with each filmed portrait, and this sentiment dominates this compelling campaign.

See more of the campaign here.

"Lexus wanted to do a series of short films about pioneers in all walks of life and how they approach the challenge of reaching the next level,” notes Director Ron Yassen. “We needed to book, shoot, and edit eight high-profile pieces in three months in order to launch the campaign, so our production timeline was quite difficult. MindSmack's team of editors and artists helped us realize our creative vision, kept us on track and on budget, and made the campaign a huge success.”

“These spots were a fun challenge to work on, getting the messaging just right in a fairly short segment can be tricky; but working with EP John Hirsch and his crew made our job here at MindSmack a breeze,” comments Editor Paul DiNatale, who has edited acclaimed work for ESPN, CBS, ABC, HBO, USA Nickelodeon, TruTV, VH1, Showtime and more.

Production Company: Roadside Entertainment
Director: Ron Yassen
Executive Producers: John Hirsch, Cash Warren
Post-Production Company: MindSmack
Creative Editor: Paul DiNatale
Colorist: Dario Bigi
Sound Mixer: Brian Rund

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