F**k This I’m Off To Greece | Hurry Help Save The Birthplace of the Olympics

F**k This I’m Off To Greece

A Campaign by the Ad Agency Mother to Support the Original Home of The Olympics

As The Games draw to a close, creative agency Mother launches a campaign to shift the nation’s Olympic enthusiasm to the plight of Greece – the troubled birthplace of The Olympics.

The social media based campaign entitled F**k This I’m Off To Greece is live now and is rallying for Britons to support Greece by buying specially designed t-shirts, and donating directly to the healthcare charity Doctors of the World, through the dedicated Facebook page. All users who simply like the page are in a bid with the chance of winning a two thousand pound holiday to Greece.

“We’re seeing a country [Greece] where pensioners are forced to rummage around for food in dustbins, with old men shooting themselves due to the economic meltdown there, and so we wanted to do something about it. The London Olympics has caused massive excitement here, and now The Games are almost over we want to get Brits to give something back to the forgotten mother of The Olympics” says Jim Bletsas, Design Director at Mother.

The charity Doctors of the World has a free healthcare drop-in clinic in Perama, Greece. Originally set up to help struggling migrants access healthcare, it is now seeing over 80% of Greek people, as the country’s health system is in collapse.

Nikitas Kanakis, President of Doctors of the World Green, said: “The numbers are shocking – around 20 percent of Greeks are living a desperate existence. The number of Greeks seeking survival at community kitchens and medical centres has quadrupled, the number of homeless and those in temporary shelter has tripled. We are talking about the start of a humanitarian crisis.”

Donations to the charity can be made online to a Just Giving page and via sales of a specially designed t-shirt both of which can be accessed through the campaign’s F**k This I’m Off to Greece Facebook page. The campaign is being run as non-profit and all the proceeds are going directly to Doctors of the World in Greece.

The Facebook page is live now: http://www.facebook.com/ftiotg and the activity will run online now until the end of the Paralympics in September.

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