New York | One Thousand Perspectives | Live | Instagram Awesomness

This Is Now, built by an Australian Firm called Lexical Gap, is a live feed of every Instagram photo shot and geo-tagged within New York city limits. There are also feeds London, Sydney, Tokyo and Sao Paolo — although, oddly, nothing from California yet. It's a totally new way to see a city, like a voyeur that's able to peek into thousands of lives at once.
It's also a rare look at Instagram's full content stream (or at least city-specific parts of it), which means you can finally see how an entire city uses the app, instead of just your circle of friends. Which, so far, means a lot of mirror pics, a lot of architecture and a lot of food. Also, some porn, which I was not expecting — it really is a raw Instagram feed.
via Russell Brandom-BuzzFeed

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