Maria Sharapova Love's Sugar This Much | Sugarpova Is Here

Maria Sharapova, the 25 year old tennis star just got herself into the candy business with the launch of "SugarPova". "I think it’s important that any venture, business or otherwise, feel authentic," said Sharapova amid the frenzy of launch day. "As a little girl, I was awarded a lollipop after a good practice...I’ve had a love affair with candy ever since."

So what make's SugarPova different from any other candy? "We felt that there was an unmet market need for a fun, flirty, feminine candy collection that felt luxurious but was also accessible. Most candy is marketed to children--but grown-up children need their candy too," says Sharapova.

Look for some fun flavors in the collection: Flirty, Cheeky, Quirky, Silly, Sassy and Chic with fashionable and sporty shapes...and lots and lots of sugar.

SugarPova identity and branding by the ad agencies Dentsu, New York and branding agency Red Antler.

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