"All From One Place" Commercial for Mercedes-Benz Mbrace2

Introducing mbrace2, the most comprehensive cloud-based telematics system on the road today. No matter where the road may take you, the new Mercedes-Benz mbrace2™ system lets you stay connected and stay in touch all from one place: your Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz introduces us to the Mbrace2 Telematics System with this new TV ad entitled "All From One Place". The commercial puts a Benz owner in various scenes from a stadium full of fans, in front of a burning house, on a stock exchange floor, in the middle of violent storm, at a party and on a date while he explains to us how the system helps him optimize his daily life with sports information, weather, business news, restaurant listings and such...all from the comfort of his shiny new Mercedes.

The system actually has some very cool features like "Travel Zones" and "geo-fences" the Curfew Minder, Driving Journal, Speed Alerts, Valet Protect and Remote Horns & Lights. It also has "Mercedes Benz Apps," a suite of in-vehicle versions of social media platforms as well as things like Google Local Search. The company says it also includes update software that automatically updates apps via the cloud...not too shabby at all, so they've basically installed your smartphone into the dash of your car.

Ad Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.
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