Sexy New Mentos Look We Have Gum Print Ads

Mentos found just the right product placement for their Pure Fresh gum. Isn't advertising great? The sexy butt cover up ad above will run in Maxim Magazine (where else would they run it?). The "Wardrobe Malfunction" and "Pants" will run in InTouch, People and Us Weekly magazines.

If you enjoy butt-vertising, then "11 Random Ads From Behind" is for you.

Ad Agency: The Martin Agency
Executive Creative Director: Joe Alexander
Creative Director, Copywriter: Mike Lear
Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Dustin Artz
Senior Art Producer: Cindy Hicks
Executive Print Producer: Jenny Schoenherr
Senior Strategic Planner: Kevin Rothermel
Senior Account Executive: Stephanie Shaw
Account Executive: Beau Brown
Photographer: Todd Wright
Talent: modelogic [Wilhelmina]
Creative Imaging: Alice Blue
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