A Real Flock of Seagulls Sing "I Ran" for Cap Cod Chips TVC

A flock of seagulls sing the "I Ran" song by A Flock Of Seagulls, and they bust some great moves on keyboard, base and drums in this funny new commercial for Cape Cod Potato Chips.

"The director was very clear from the beginning that the gulls were first and foremost birds," says R&H visual effects supervisor Nicholas Titmarsh. "He did not want to give them human characteristics or make them caricatures in any way. That’s why the drummer uses his beak rather than holding drum sticks, and the lead singer plays the keyboard with his foot. So they are a band, sure, but they retain their seagull DNA."

"Because of that," adds Titmarsh, "there are lots of funny moments in the spot like when the drummer knocks over the cymbal, the way he and the bassist react is all bird. The guitarist even takes a moment to preen himself, but then after a brief pause they leap back into being the band."
Ad Agency: GKV, Baltimore
Directed by Tony Petrossian
Produced by Rhythm & Hues and visual effects supervisor Nicholas Titmarsh.
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