Racy CougarLife Billboard is Sure To Cause Some Trouble

This new billboard popped up on Sunset Boulevard today for CougarLife, we'll just back and enjoy the fallout from all the Mother F$%#kers.

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We're not sure what's scarier, the new billboard above Sunset Boulevard that declares "CougarLife.com for MOTHER F***ERS" or the fact that there is actually a site for such classy MILF-chasers and granny-philes.

Okay, they're not all grandmothers. The recommended starting age for a cougar-dating search on the site is 35.

Feel sleazy? Just wait, because CougarLife claims that ...the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, home of said tasteful billboard, is the epicenter of American cougardom.

Cindy Rocker, the site's "head of cougar relations" (really), claims the 90069 zip code (hair city USA) has the most cougars per capita of any other zip code.

It's like the Def Leppard groupies moved there in 1985 and never left, yeah?

Anyway, this is supposed to be about that startlingly shocking billboard. A publicist says it's "controversial" and that it's "turning heads."


Who are these bottom-feeding, cougar-hungry people anyway? Oh yeah, men.
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