MINI USA "Win Small" music by Living Things | Extended Version

MINI reminds us how sometimes big things come in small packages through this action-packed ad. The spot features some powerful characters with examples of the timeless adage in a new commercial for MINI. The commercial music is by Living Things and the song title is "Bombs Below".

WIN SMALL. Get behind the movement and join us in celebrating those who dream big no matter what their size. MINI is a proud partner of Team USA and a fan of all those who defy the odds. After all, Small's victories are always sweeter.

Client: MINI USA
Spot Title: "Win Small"
Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
Production Company: Tool
Director: Geordie Stephens
Executive Producers: Brian Latt, Dustin Callif, Oliver Fuselier
Editorial Company: Beast SF
Editor: Doug Walker
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