New Arco Gas "Pumping" TV Commercial

This great new ad for ARCO High Quality Gas entitled "Pumping" could have just as easily been a new spot for Viagra or Cialis.

Director Jordan Brady of Superlounge has collaborated with agency OgilvyWest on a new spot for ARCO. Being confident about gasoline is a rarity. Spot-on creativity by the agency joined with relatable casting by Brady, drives audiences to “pump with confidence.” Motivation has never come so easy.

"Everyone at Ogilvy is very hands-on,” explains Superlounge’s Jordan Brady. “I learned a lot from the creative team. How do you motivate people about gasoline? Prices fluctuate and, frankly, it's not something people like to talk about. But the team found a way to motivate, crafting an anthem-like spot. Having fueled up at ARCO for years now, I've always pumped with confidence.”

Client: ARCO
Advertising Agency: OgilvyWest
Chief Creative Officer: Bill Wright
Chief Creative Officer: James Dawson-Hollis
Art Director: Euan Au
Copywriter: Brock Johnson
Senior Producer: Cindi Blondell
Group Account Director: Evelyn Borgatta
Account Supervisor: Florence Pique-Monnier
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