The 2012 Humpy Awards - Are You Serious?

So how does AMC promote their new original TV series "Small Town Security" which is set to premiere this Sunday July 15th? Well, you get your ad agency to come up with the first ever Humpy Awards, bring in a bunch of hump happy dogs and let them go crazy on their owners leg. I thought I had pretty good sense of humor, (humour for my fellow Canadian friends) and well I'm sure I have a great sense of humor now as I found this to be absolutely a shameful kinda way.

The Humpy Awards celebrate a natural dog behavior: the leg humping. This dog humping competition was judged on speed, style, stamina, mount and dismount. 1st prize went to Miss Hope.

Advertising Agency: Thinkmodo, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Michael Krivicka, James Percelay
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