Hot Charlene and Geeky Carl Taking Care of Biz Over At GoDaddy

Ever wonder just how GoDaddy works on the inside, wonder know more. Ad agency Deutch creates their first commercial for GoDaddy, "Otter". Say bye bye to Danica Patrick and hello to Charlene, as she is called, she is the "how GoDaddy attracts domain name customers." Then there is Carl. "Carl is how GoDaddy keeps customers."

The commercial “captures what we wanted to do really well,” said Warren Adelman, the new chief executive at GoDaddy, whose decision it was to end the era of what the founder, Bob Parsons, called “GoDaddy-esque” ads.

“We wanted to acknowledge our past,” Mr. Adelman said, and “not walk away from” it, but also begin to talk more about “products and services” and “who we are.”

Greg DiNoto, chief creative officer at Deutsch New York, said: “The sexy side of GoDaddy has had a purpose, to get attention. We wink at that and use it to open a door to another side of GoDaddy, as a reliable tech company, that consumers need to know about.”

As for fans of the “GoDaddy-esque” approach, Mr. DiNoto said, “consumers appreciate brands that don’t walk away from where they’ve been.” Mr. Adelman put it this way: “We hope they have a really good sense of humor; they’ve demonstrated that in the past.”

Ad Agency: Deutsch, New York.
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