Audi Takes Up 90 Seconds to Explain One Millimeter

Audi, the luxury automaker goes to a lot of trouble to explain just 1 millimeter of their LED rear light, see if you can keep up to all the techno stuff they detail for you.

The 2012 Audi A1 commercial celebrates the Audi perfection by showing all the efforts Audi puts in just one millimeter of a LED rear light. But this is just one millimeter. One Audi millimeter.

Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid, France
Creative directors / Copywriters: Fred & Farid
Art directors: Julien-Pierre Mallet, Volker Gehr
Brand supervisors: Marc-Andreas Brinkmann, David Dargaud, Fabien Neel
Agency supervisors: Daniel Dormeyer, Buu Tran, Bénédicte Muller, Caroline Beneteau
Agency producer: Karim Naceur
Agency post producer: Sandrine De Monte
Director: Mehdi Norowzian
Production: RSA London
Producer: Lisa Joseph
Music: Arnaud Astruc, Benjamin Fournier-Bidoz

More Audi ads making the rounds, Audi's "Return to Snake River Canyon" to relive the original Evil Knievel jump has not gone over to well with viewers, I believe viewers are giving it a "Blue Balls" rating, see for yourself below.

On a positive, one the greatest Audi ads was the "Progress Is Beautiful" spot which aired back in 2008, see it HERE.
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