Serving Panda Meat To Save The Bluefin Tuna PSA Campaign

The problem: the bluefin tuna ought to be on the endangered list. It's not, because Japan and China have bribes to keep it off that list. If asians don't take bluefin off the menu, it's likely to go extinct pretty soon.

Our solution: we wanted people to realize that eating bluefin tuna is like eating panda. We offered panda meat for sale online ( and through sampling booths set up in supermatkets, street markets and travel fairs.

The response: "You sick bastards." "How could you kill pandas?" and "I'm calling the police." were the most common initial reactions. But once we pointes out the double standards, it was "really? I didn't know." and "I'll never eat bluefin again." 171,467 people pledged to give up eating bluefin. Needless to say, no pandas were harmed in the experiment.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Back
Creative Directors: Juggi Ramakrishnan, Richard Copping
Art Directors: Richard Copping, Anthony Tham
Copywriter: Juggi Ramakrishnan
Producers: Amarjeet Kaur, Alvin Chin
Sound: The Gunnery
Post Production: Critica, Hogarth
Photographer: Teo
Studio Stock Images: Getty, Corbis
DI: Procolor
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