Steve Jobs is Back Just In Time For iPhone 5 Release

Just in time for today's Apple iPhone 5 launch hoopla Mondo Media (you the them, the online animated media empire that has bragging rights to over 1.2 billion YouTube views) brings Steve Jobs back to live in "Resurrection." The perfectly time animated parody features Steve Jobs rapping such lyrics as: "It's been awhile, but it's worth the wait...Cause I got the OS that makes ya salivate" and "I teabag Bill Gates from beyond the grave!" and my personal favorite "You'll still line up for iPhone 83."

So go on all you iPhone junkies, the 5 will be available to buy on September 21st go line up now you might be one of the first, I'm still loving my Andriod.

Directed by: Aaron Simpson
Written by: Andy Ochiltree
Music Production by: Markaholic
"Bownce" as Steve Jobs
Eric Bauza as Tim Cook and Fanboy
Mark Byers with backing vocals
Produced by: Mondo Media Inc.
Executive Producer: John Evershed
Producers: Stevie Wynne Levine, April Pesa
Animation Production by: Smiley Guy Studios
Executive Producer: Jonas Diamond
Animation Director: Denny Silverthorne
Producer: Mike Valiquette
Production Manager: Julie Otten
Animation Supervisor: Mateusz Garbulinski
Design Concepts: Aaron Hong
Editor: Denny Silverthorne
Storyboard Artist: Stephanie Ramon
Design Supervisor: Joel Chahal
Design: Stephanie Ramon, Joseph Lague, Peter Habjan
Background Design: Vladimir Kato
Visual Effects: Joel Gregorio, Rich Duhaney
Animation: Mateusz Garbulinski, Rich Duhaney, Nathan Carey, Kurtis Scott, Craig Schriver, Joseph Lague, Darien Ardell

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