Unlock The 007 In You Skyfall New Coke Zero Commercial

New Coca-Cola Zero commercial, "Unlock The 007 In You" showcases the exciting partnership between Coke Zero and Skyfall, the twenty-third James Bond film .

The ad features a regular Joe drinking a Coke Zero at a local bar when he notices a beautiful woman who seems eager to ditch the guys at her table.

When he drinks his Coke Zero, he unlocks the 007 in himself and immediately hums the iconic James Bond music theme, our hero steps to the table, that sets off a wild chase scene, featuring a few thugs, a motorcycle ride down some steep steps, a huge collision, and a long leap from a bridge by the ersatz Bond while he holds hands with the girl...exciting stuff huh?

You can Unlock the 007 in you at their Faacebook page Here.
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