Land Rover LR4 “Born Free”

It is widely believed around the world that the Land Rover Discovery 4, or LR4, is one of the very best off-roading vehicles that money can buy. However Land Rover’s recent “Born Free” commercial falls short of convincing viewers that this is true. Although the brand is known as the pioneer of bringing off-road vehicles “on-road” for everyday use, in the face of ever increasing luxury 4x4 competition, Land Rover’s latest commercial fails to convey that they are in the business of manufacturing the finest off-road vehicles on earth.

To begin on a good note, the commercial is set to the classic Andy Williams Born Free tune, which appropriately inspires a feeling of adventure in viewers and a yearning for the great outdoors. The background music is also appropriate as it ties in Land Rover’s connection with the Born Free Foundation, a conservation organization that the brand has supported for many years.

The “Born Free” commercial’s focus, however, is a vibrant young couple who repeatedly visit a dry-cleaner with their dirty laundry. In three visits, they drop off sand filled desert clothing, soaking wet clothes, and leaf covered jungle clothing. The worker behind the counter is obviously puzzled about what they’ve been up to, and the ad paints a stark contrast between the adventurous lives of the couple and the humdrum existence of the man who runs the store.

While viewers are as intrigued as the dry-cleaner as to where this this couple has been and what they have been doing, it isn’t clear until the last few moments when the worker goes to the window and sees them driving away that this is a Land Rover commercial, let alone a car commercial. Unfortunately for Land Rover, viewers are left with more of an opinion of the adventurous couple than the vehicle they drive, which is a shame because the LR4 is truly an impressive ride.

Although Land Rover’s competitors show off the sleek lines, luxurious interiors, and ideal environments for their vehicles, Land Rover only offers us glimpses of what the LR4 is all about. And while it is true that the ad is successful in that it makes viewers want to know more about the vehicle, the “Born Free” commercial is obviously an example of marketing a lifestyle rather than a product. Only time will tell if this ploy is a successful one, but when you’ve got a product as remarkable as the LR4—you’re going to sell it no matter how it is marketed.

This guest post was contributed by Brittany Larson of Elite Auto Brokers.
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