Greg Jennings Wants You To Believe in your Smellf | Old Spice

Green Bay Packers' Greg Jennings is the new face of the Old Spice "Believe in your smellf" commercial campaign entitled "Film", Jennings plays frisbee with Rosco the dog on a movie a set and explains how to be the star of your own life.

The "official deodorant and body wash" of the NFL, Old Spice tapped Jennings (according to Old Spice North America brand manager Jason Partin in a press release) because he "embodies the true spirit of a champion, and this campaign is designed to reach NFL fans in need of a little extra confidence when tackling whatever life throws their way."

“Approaching life with a winning attitude has helped me achieve my goals and conquer any challenge that I've been faced with," says Jennings in the release. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Old Spice and jumped at the opportunity to work with them on this campaign. I think NFL fans will get a kick out of seeing me in some pretty compromising situations in these commercials."
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