Arby's Ask Canadians To "Believe The Unbelievable"

To prove how unbelievable Arby’s new Hot Turkey or Roast Beef Three Cheese & Bacon sandwich truly is, Blammo has enlisted the help of real people who’ve experienced UFO sightings, ghosts, or other paranormal activity. Through a series of documentary-style videos, we meet these individuals and hear their amazing supernatural tales. When each is asked about the new Three Cheese & Bacon from Arby’s, they simply can’t believe a sandwich like this actually exists.

Numerous individuals with tales of UFO, ghost, and Big Foot sightings were screened and interviewed prior to the selection of the final participants. The campaign was directed by Suneeva’s Shelley Lewis.

“Although we didn’t have the biggest budget for this particular promotion, we didn’t let that dictate our approach,” says Andrew Simon, Chief Creative Officer, Blammo. “Thanks to our amazing production partners we made the impossible possible.”

The Three Cheese & Bacon sandwich will be available in all Arby’s locations starting October 1st. Media includes in-store signage and digital support. The videos will be disseminated through Arby’s Facebook page and other social media channels.

Client: Arby's
Campaign: Believe the Unbelievable
Titles: "Stafani & Wayne", "Paul", "Edd", "Seika"
Ad Agency: Blammo
Chief Creative Officer: Andrew Simon
Writers: Andrew Simon, Grant Cleland, Hannah Gourevitch, Amanda Tucci, David Taller
Art Director: Grant Cleland
Agency Producer: Gord Cathmoir
Account: Amy de Merlis
Production Company: Suneeva
Director: Shelley Lewis
Director of Photography: Todd M. Duym
Line Producer: Kristina Anzlinger
Editor: Michelle Czukar
Editorial Company: Panic & Bob
Online: Andrew Hobbs/Panic & Bob
Sound Design & Music: RMW Music

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