WWF Canada "The Inevitable News"

A 300m super tanker longer than the Empire State building has inevitably crashed into the shoreline of the Great Bear Region of coastal BC sending thousands of barrels of toxic diluted bitumen directly into the heart of the Great Bear Sea.

WWF, Canada (World Wildlife Foundation) launches a new public awareness ad campaign to garner support and action to stop the proposed construction of the Northern Gateway Pipeline through British Columbia’s ecologically sensitive Great Bear region. The campaign centers on "The Inevitable News", a news channel that covers the news "before it happens". A series of 4 segments will roll out on WWF-Canada’s Facebook page over the next two weeks – capturing the "breaking news" of an "inevitable" oil spill in the Great Bear region and highlighting some of the fallout in the region as a result of the disaster.

Advertising Agency: John st., Canada
Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
Ass. Creative Director / Art Director: Nellie Kim
Ass. Creative Director / Copywriter: Chris Hirsch
Producers: Christine Stephens, Shawna McPeek
Digital Producer: Cas Binnington, Ryan O'Hagan
Account Team Lead: Melissa Tobenstein
Account Executive: Amelia MacGregor
Director: Christopher Hutsul
Production Company: Soft Citizen
Editor: Ross Birchall / Bijou Editorial
Visual FX: Track & Field
Music / Audio: Vapor Music
Colour: Redlab Digital
2nd Unit: Nicole Dorsey
Photography: Todd Duym
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