"Movement" New Surface Commercial by Microsoft Is Actually Really Good

Enjoy the new "Movement" premiere commercial for MICROSOFT SURFACE from Director Jon M. Chu (DS2DIO, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The LXD, Step Up 3D) and cast of great dancers (full list below).

"From touch to type, office to living room, from your screen to the big screen, you can see more, share more, and do more with Surface."

The Surface tablet is set be released 10.26.12 and will run on Windows 8, the ad stars Daniel "Cloud" Campos and features some of the world's top dancers, they are:
Anderson, Corey
Andrews, Kendra
Azizian, Paulette
Boedekker, Stacy
Bonnevay, Marie
Brewton, Bianca
Brown, Jesse
Burns, Leon
Chapman, Lorenzo
Chynoweth, Jade
Clemmons, Vincent
Davis, Kylie
Exum, Kelli
Germar, Marko
Grahms, Daniel
Graves, Corey
Gutierrez, Jay
Guzman, Gabe De
Hoffman, Sky
Holt, Bailey
Hott, Julian
Inniss, Marc
Johnson, Josh
Kadish, Jake
Keller, Jessica
Kitama, Mayuko
Koumaev, Ivan
Lamkin, Brandy
Livingston, Emilie
Loftis, Will
Maas, Taylor
Markarian, Rachel
Medina, Marie
Monaco, Tony
Monnie, KC
Mour, Linda
Nairobi, Saidah
Nino, Ashlee
Prudich, Bill
Radomski, Kayla
Rodriguez, Ricardo
Rosado, Luis
Russell,Brittany Perry
Sandvig, Melissa
Scott, Christopher
Shaw, Brandon
Sherbman, David
Shibata, Tracy
Sims, Jamal
Smith, Chadd (Madd Chadd)
Spencer, Terrence
Stecklein, Tyne
Steffens, Timar
Stewart, Britt
Stewart, Nicholas
Tanaka, Bryan
Tanner, Jean
Thompson, Larsen
Todey, Kersten
Velez, Ivan (Flipz)
Washington, Tyrell
Williams, Brooklyn
Wilson, Dana
Wong, Alex
All Choreography by Christopher Scott and Jamal Sims.
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