Cadbury Screme Eggs Get Goo Goo'd In A Goopocalypse

This Halloween, Cadbury Canada created an awesome ad campaign by re-breanding their Creme Egges to the Screme Eggs. Oh and it isn't pretty, they have risen and they're hungry for one thing and their Easter brethren. To launch this new green goo-filled seasonal treat, ad agency The Hive waged a Goopocapalyse and an epic battle between good and evil eggs told through long-format horror movie-esque videos.

The Last Stand spot came with this message to all viewers:
Goo, goo goo goo goo goo Goopocalypse.
WARNING: The following footage contains content that may be disturbing to some Cadbury Creme Eggs.
Creme Egg viewer discretion is advised.
Together, we can survive the Goopocalypse.
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Agency: The Hive, Toronto
Production: Blacklist, New York
Director: Saiman Chow
Creative Director: Simon Creet
Producer: Jennifer Cursio
Associate CD / Copywriter: Jess Willis
Associate CD / Art Director: Paul Parolin
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