Career Day Becomes A State of Detention for Aaron Rogers in new State Farm Commercial

The NFL's Most Valuable Player, Aaron Rodgers, visits a grade school for Career Day, Unfortunately so is a State Farm Insurance agent and that means Rodgers' considerable talent and resume take a humiliating backseat. Star of this ad has to be the cheese head kid banging on the door..."Hey Rogers! Discount Double Check!"

Ad Agency: DDB, Chicago
Ewan Paterson, Chief Creative Officer
Barry Burdiak, Group Creative Director
John Hayes, Group Creative Director
Kevin Goff, Associate Creative Director
Chad Broude, Writer/AD
Scott Kemper, Executive Producer
Diane Jackson, Executive Director of Integrated Production
Kim Brun, Account Director
Arts & Sciences, Production Company
Matt Aselton, Director
Cutters, Edit Company
Grant Gustafson, Editor
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